10-year-old squid game star who voiced the Red Light, Green Light doll Has something to say

Reagan To, a 10-year-old squid game star, has stated that she has yet to view the Netflix blockbuster due to her parents’ refusal.

In an interview with Morning program on Tuesday, the young actress who voiced the horrifying Red Light, Green Light doll in Squid Game’s English language remake and acted as the main character’s daughter confessed that her parents won’t let her watch the violent Netflix smash because she’s too young.

“I haven’t seen any of it,” she admitted.

Her mother immediately turned off the TV after she managed to hear her voice in one episode ‘just before the violence’ began, according to her.


The scene in question, in which Reagan plays a huge doll watching a deadly children’s game, had the greatest corpse count on the show, with losing participants cruelly mowed down.

She went on to say that her parents also wouldn’t let her 14-year-old brother view the film.

“My parents don’t even let my 14-year-old brother watch it,” she continued.

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