Abeg App Review

Although the word Abeg is a popular word used in communicating in Nigeria, the term is used mostly when someone wants to ask or beg another person for anything with pidgin English.

Maybe this is where Abeg Technologies got its inspiration for naming its mobile app.

However, the app performs almost the same purpose as its name, but there are some additional features that are attached to the app.

In this Abeg App Review, i will be walking you through what the Abeg app is, how to use it, and also help you know if it is worth joining or not.

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What is Abeg | Abeg App Review

Dare Adekoya, Michael Okoh, and Muheez Akanni, co-founders of Abeg technologies, have recently created Abeg, one of many Nigerian fintech apps.

In terms of functions, the app is comparable to Cash in that it has a user-friendly, simple, and clean interface. You can request money, give money to friends and family, and you’ll have a tag called (abeg tag) that you can use to communicate with others on the social payment app.

The app is a p2p (peer-to-peer) platform that allows users to request money from other users on their contact list. Users can also send money to anyone with an Abeg tag.

With Abeg ( Abeg app), you can do the following

  • Send money
  • Receive money
  • Store money in your Abeg wallet
  • Do Giveaway
  • Withdraw money to your bank account.

Abeg features

Below are some of the features that are on the Abeg app.

Request money: Instead of copying and entering your bank credentials, you can simply gather their Abegtag and request money from them if you wish to receive payment from family, friends, or even your employer’s paycheck.

Send money: With this feature, you can send money to anyone in Nigeria, distance is not even a factor to consider as far as the Abeg tag is correct.

Giveaways: On the Abeg app, after creating your profile, you can join a giveaway coordinated by other Abeg app users so you can get a chance of winning.

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Social media-like timeline: Just like Twitter and other social media, the Abeg app also has a timeline, you can also call it a news feed where you can see posts of other Abeg app users you have followed.

Loan: Nowadays, everyone is in need of urgent/emergency money, and borrowing a loan is sometimes the only alternative. Instead of borrowing money from places like (LAPO) and others, you can just open your Abeg app and request a loan in a matter of minutes.

AJO: AJO (SAVINGS) is an upcoming feature in the Abeg app, with this, you can start saving up your money bits by bits for am upcoming needs or wants. It may be a daily, weekly, or monthly savings

About The Abeg Website

You can visit the Abeg official website Abeg.app and click on the about page to know more about the website.

However, on the website, There’s a navigation bar at the top with options like “About,” which explains how the Abeg service works, “Contact Us,” which takes you to a page where you may contact Abeg, and “FAQs,” which lists frequently asked questions and answers. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to their social media accounts.

There is also a link on the website to download the Abeg app on your Andriod device or your IOS device, so whichever device you are using, you can use the Abeg app.

About the Abeg App

The app is a p2p (peer-to-peer) platform that allows users to request money from other users on their contact list. Users can also send money to anyone with an Abeg tag.

As already mentioned above, the app is a product of the Abeg technologies founder by Dare Adekoya and other top Nigerian fintech lovers.


  • Easy to use.
  • Users can send and receive funds without having to link bank accounts.
  • A great solution to fintech problems in Nigeria, Africa, and probably the world.


  • Limited features.
  • It isn’t integrated with other eCommerce platforms.
  • Only available to Nigerians

How to use Abeg

To use the Abeg app, you have to signup, verify your BVN ( Bank Verification Number) and upload a profile picture.

After that, you will have access to use all of Abeg’s app features.

How to Join/Signup for the Abeg App

To sign up for an Abeg app account, you need to download the application first either on the Google play store or the iOS app store.

After installation, follow the following processes to sign up.

  1. Open the application and click on the “Create an account” button
  2. A new screen will pop up. On this, you will be required to fill in your details. This includes your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. You will also be required to create a strong password that you will use to access your account
  3. Before you can get full access to the account, you will need to verify your BVN (Bank Verification Number) for legal reasons. You can also do this through your bank account

How to Send money using Abeg App

  1. From the app main screen, click on “send”.
  2. Search for the contact details of the person you want to send money to from your phone contact if he/she is already registered as a user or just enter the Abeg tag of the person.
  3. Click “pay.”

Sending money to other users is free. Also, you can send money anonymously if you want to.

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How to Receive money using Abeg App

To receive money with the Abeg app, all you have to do is give the Abeg user that wants to give you the money your Abeg tag which serves as your bank information for receiving money.

How to Fund Abeg App wallet

  1. To fund your Abeg wallet, click your profile icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen
  2. Select “Fund wallet” from the options
  3. A Wema bank account number assigned to your Abeg account will come up.
  4. To fund your wallet, simply pay into that Wema account.

How to Withdraw from your Abeg App Wallet

Follow the below steps to withdraw money from your Abeg wallet

  1. From your profile icon, and select wallet balance
  2. Click on “Withdraw” from the pop-up that will be shown to you

Withdrawing money from your Abeg account wallet attracts a fee of N10 only.

How to add Withdrawal Bank

From your profile, click on setting

How to add withdrawal bank on Abeg App

Click on Withdrawal bank

Abeg App Review

Click on Add New Bank

Type in your account number, then select the bank and click on done.

Abeg app customer support centers

Email address – hello@abeg.app

Instagram account – https://instagram.com/abeg.app

Twitter account – https://twitter.com/abeg_app

How to make money with the Abeg app

Basically, the Abeg app is designed for sending and receiving money, however, you can also chat on the platform and also make money using the two methods listed below.

  • Referrals
  • Giveaway


With this method, all you have to do is be the first person to send a least N100 to anyone who just signed up for the Abeg app within 24hours and get to referral bonus of N500.

The Abeg referral system is quick different from other referral systems on the internet because you don’t need to send any referral link to anybody, all you have to do is get someone to register, verify his/her account with his/her BVN number, upload a profile picture then you send N100 and receive N500 as a reward.


This is not really a way to earn, but you can still earn using this method by checking out your profile to see if there are any available giveaways, join the giveaway and if you are luckily selected, you will get credited.

About The CEO

Dare Adekoya
Dare Adekoya

Dare Adekoya is the CEO of Abeg Technologies, the company that created the Abeg app. Dare Adekoya is one of the three co-founders of the Abeg app and a Nigerian entrepreneur, computer enthusiast, and product designer. He is a self-made billionaire and one of Nigeria’s most popular CEOs under 30. He is a 26-year-old man.

After Abeg became the lead sponsor of Big Brother Naija season 6, which cost them 2 billion nairas, Dare Adekoya became well-known.

Dare Adekoya Profile

Name Dare Adekoya
Age 26 years old
Occupation Entrepreneur, product designer, and user experience expert
State of Origin Lagos
Net Worth $10 million


FAQs and Answers according to Abeg

What is Abeg?

Abeg helps in making sending and receiving money easy, safe and fast. It’s a fun interactive app that young people should use for daily transactions and payments.

I can’t request money from people by using their Abeg tag, help

Sorry, but you can only request money from people on your contact list.

The number I used for my BVN is different from the number I used to register for the Abeg, please help

Our customer support agent can help with this, send a message to us on Twitter @abeg_app or send an email to hello@abeg.app

Sorry but Abeg is only available in Nigeria for now.

Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer or receive?

Yes, the minimum amount of money you can transfer is NGN1 and the maximum amount of money you can send is NGN1,000,000

What should I do if I forget my password?

No worries, if you forget your password just click on the ‘Forgot Password’ text on the sign-in page of your Abeg app to start your password retrieval process.

How do I change my Abeg pin?

Our customer support agent can help with this, send a message to us on Twitter @abeg_app or send an email to hello@abeg.app

What do I need to use Abeg?

To use Abeg you’ll need a phone (Android or ios), Internet connection, and a bank account.

I forgot my Abeg pin, please help.

Our customer support agent can help with this, send a message to us on Twitter @abeg_app or send an email to hello@abeg.app

How do I change my registered phone number on Abeg?

Our customer support agent can help with this, send a message to us on twitter @abeg_app or send an email to hello@abeg.app

How do I check my recent transactions?

To view your recent transactions simply click on the notifications icon in your Abeg app.

How do I change my registered email address on Abeg?

Our customer support agent can help with this, send a message to us on twitter @abeg_app or send an email to hello@abeg.app

How do I change my name on Abeg?

Our customer support agent can help with this, send a message to us on twitter @abeg_app or send an email to hello@abeg.app

Help, I don’t recognize the number showing when I request for a BVN OTP

Is it possible the number registered on your BVN is different from the number you used to register on Abeg? If yes then please send a screenshot of your National ID to our email hello@abeg.app

Help, I no longer have access to the number my BVN is registered with:

Could you please email a picture of your National ID to hello@abeg.app and we’ll help fix this.

How do I become verified on Abeg?

To get verified you’ll need to have done several giveaways, minimum of NGN250,000.

How do I send money anonymously?

You can send money anonymously by long-pressing the ‘Send’ button.

How do I change my abeg tag?

You can change your Abeg tag by clicking on ‘Your Profile’ icon and the ‘Settings’ icon

Can I receive money from abroad through the app?

Nope, Abeg only works in Nigeria for now.


When i tried introducing this platform to some friends, there appreciated the idea and creativity from the CEO of Abeg’s app, and immediately downloaded the app.

Almost all of them did not go beyond where the BVN number was required because there were all afraid of inputting their BVN  on any online platform.

However, you may be having the same fear due to the fact that there is a high level of cybercrime in Nigeria and you don’t want to risk your banking information especially your BVN.

I understand with you, but i can boldly say that Abeg and Abeg app is totally safe to use, owing to the fact that it is duly registered and the owner’s information isn’t private, this way if anything goes wrong he can easily be traced and arrested.

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