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Are you looking for ways to monetize your blog or a Google Adsense alternative? Then you can try out Adxema. However, it is important that you read this Adxema review first before using them so you can know everything about them like knowing if it is worth it or not, if it is a scam or not, etc.

What is Adxema

According to the information found on the website,

Adxema is a global ad network to advertise or monetize your content. We are contextual advertising ad network you can work with to reach more customers or monetize your websites.

Adxema is a global ad network to advertise or monetize your contents. We are contexual advertising ad network you can work with to reach more customer or monetize your websites.

Adxema is a website monetization platform that enables content creators to make money from their content by monetizing them.

Adxema is just like or should I say an alternative to Google adsense, Foremedia, and other content /website monetization platforms.

What if you want to advertise your product or services to a large audience? 

You can also do that using Adxema. Adxema basically has two sections: The publisher’s section and the Advertisement section.

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Adxema Features

Multiple Ad Formats

Make more money from your website or app with our vast variety of web and mobile ad formats: Display Ads, Banner Ads, Text-Graphics Ads, Mobile Ads and many more.

Three-Level Security

Adxema utilizes an effective combination of innovative in-house and reliable third-party fraud detection systems, as well as a proper human check, and provides you with the safest experience possible.

Self-Serve Platform

Adxema provides a completely automated experience for those who prefer to work without a manager: launch a campaign, white or black list placements, track statistics, generate ad codes, change ad settings, and much more.


On average, our in-house developed anti-Adblock solution adds 20% to your revenue. Adblock users are not accustomed to ads, so your ad placements win all their attention, which leads to higher CTRs.

Payment Options

You may choose your preferred payment method out of many we have on the platform: Visa/Mastercard, Paypal

Partner Support

A personal touch, quick replies, top-notch problem-solving skills, access to in-house developed design concepts this is the least you can expect from your Adsxema manager. We build long-lasting relationships and work with partners for years.

Adxema Publishers Requirements

To Monetized your website using Adxema, all you need to do is to ensure that your content is unique and originally written by you.

Traffic is not a factor for getting accepted into the Adxema monetization network, however, it is also important that you start receiving some traffic ( for new websites) before you apply.

How to Join Adxema

They are three simple steps you have to follow if you want the join the Ad network, and below re the three steps

  • Create your account

    Start making money with your websites by creating your publishers Account

  • Submit your website

    Submit your website for review and one of our managers will respond to review your website within few hours

  • Set-up Ad Units

    Set up Ad units and copy the code, Pate it on your website pages you want ads to show

How to Create an Account on Adxema 

To create an account on Adxema, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Head over to Adxema official website
  • Click on the Get Started button then select publishers signup
  • Fill in your detail correctly
  • Verify your email address
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How to Submit your website

  • Log in to your newly created Adxema account
  • On the dashboard, click on add site
  • Type in your URL and click submit
  • What for your website to be reviewed ( usually take less than a week).
  • Once approved, you can move on to the next steps up Ad unit.

How to Set Up Ad Unit

Ad Units are basically, where you want your ads to be shown on the website, to do this, follow the steps below.

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on the Ad unit section select the type of Ad you want
  • Copy the code and paste it on your site.

How to Login to your Adxema account

To login to Adxema, following the steps below

  • Head over to the official website
  • Click on the login button
  • fill in your email and password
  • Then click on login

How to make money with

You make money from this platform from both ads impression and click which is also similar the how you make money from Google adsense.

Adxema operates based on CPC and CPM basics.

Adxema Payment Method

Basically, there are only two payment methods that are available on the Adxema platform which are

  • Paypal
  • Visa/Mastercard

How to Withdraw Adxema Earning

Payments are made automatically every month once you reach the threshold for payment.

Adxema Threshold

Just like Google Adsense, Adxema has a payment threshold of $100 for Paypal, which means that you have to get to $100 before your payment can be sent to your account.

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Adxema payment date

Adxema pays once on a monthly basis. Payment dates are between 27 – 5 of each month. If these dates fall on weekends or holidays, payments will be processed on the nearest business day.

Adxema Address and Customers Service

243 Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
P: +234 706 1059 902

121 King Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
P: +12 9 8765 4321

Adxema Review: Is Adxema Legit or Scam?

Adxema proof of payment has been seen on the internet, however, Solidinfo is yet to confirm payment for themselves ( we are testing it out and will update this post if we are able to receive payment from the platform).

But since the proof was from a trusted source, we can say that Adxema is legit, however, you will need a good number of daily visitors to be able to earn a good amount of money from the network.

I hope this article was helpful, if you have any questions, kindly use the comment section below to ask them.

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