Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat

Would you love to know how to set up HA Tunnel Plus VPN so that you can be able to use the Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat which most people are already enjoying including me? then read this article till the end because i will be showing you everything you need to know about the Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat.

We all love using the internet especially social media and it has been proven that almost every Nigeria youth spend a lot in buying data bundle so as to stay online and also do other relevant activities that require the use of the internet.

But then, if you calculate the money you spend on a monthly basis on buying data, you would discover that it would have been able to buy you a car ( just joking).

However, what am trying to say is that buying data consume most of our finances this is why it is also important that when free browsing cheat like the one am about to show you in this article comes, try and also use it to cut down the expenses on data.

We can’t tell how long this browsing cheat will last but enjoy it now while it last and save some money.

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  • Airtel SIM card with no airtime or active data bundle (Preferably a 4G SIM).
  • HA Tunnel Plus – Download here.
  • HA Tunnel configuration file for the Airtel unlimited free browsing – Download here.
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If you want the new Airtel configuration file, you can download them using this link

Once you have downloaded the HA Tunnel Plus VPN and installed it and also downloaded the file with the above link, you can now move to the next steps which is actually how to configure it.

Before i move into how to actually configure the VPN to enable the cheat work, i want to also mention that you can make money from this cheat.

I know of a WhatsApp tv that is actually selling the config, file, and setting, you can do the same if you want or you kindly direct them to come read the article here and set it up by themself.

How to setup Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat using HA Tunnel Plus VPN

  • Launch the HA Tunnel Plus VPN.
  • Tap the three dots just as seen in the image below, click Import/Export, followed by Import. Locate the config file you downloaded above and tap on it to import.
  •  import.
  • Tap the START button, and wait for some seconds for it to connect. After it does, you can now enjoy unlimited browsing on your Airtel SIM until the file stops working or Airtel blocks it.Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat using HA Tunnel Plus VPN

Things to note

This cheat can work for browsing on any browser but will be very fast and smooth with the Google Chrome browser

When you click on the start button, you will see a timer that tells you how long you can use the free data, after the given time, the VPN will automatically stop.

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All you have to do is go back and by more time watching a short video ad.

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  1. Good day sir. I downloaded the VPN and it’s working fine. Howeverps using my data what do I do. Also downloaded the airtel custom configuration.

    1. If you have downloaded the config. file, go to the VPN and click on import, then locate the config. file and upload it,
      lastly, select the united states and click on start.

    1. You have to click on the download button, although the site has lots of pop-up ads.
      However, you can message me directly on Whatsapp so i can send you the file 07013186349

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