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What is is a money making site which claims to make forex trading easier for its members not only that, BetaForex claims to have a trading bot that guarantee you a 75% win rate on all trades you make. If this were up to me, I would take that chance because the forex market is so deadly, and at the same time profitable.


When Was Launched? was launched on the 20th of September 2022, and is already on the mouth of most South Africans who are showing off their dashboard, and also sharing their affiliate link.


who is the owner of

An unidentified Owner – one knows whom the founder of is because the developers has refused to make that known by hiding that information.


How to earn money from


Making money on is just like trading with any forex broker. However, the only difference here is there is an already made bot which you could purchase, and start earning without doing nothing. Well, like I said,

you are buying this bot, and it costs R500.

Moreover, I’m going to be telling you the advantages of this bot so that you can have understanding on how it works. Well, trading with BetaForex bot can significantly boost your portfolio.

This bot predictions are executed automatically, meaning you don’t have to predict the chart. Nonetheless,

BetaForex bot results are released at the end of each trading session. Lastly, note that this bot license is only

valid for a month.


Moreover, you can earn on

without its bots by making your own predictions. Thisway, you are technically making your own trades more risk unlike BetaForex bot. Furthermore, for each prediction you get correctly, you earn as much as 300%

your risk value.

Now, imagine risking R5 which means I get a return of R15 if my predictions are correct! Amazing right?!

Note that the minimum trade value you can make on BetaForex is R5. Also, you can always start with a demo account if you are not so sure of your predictions.

Like all demo account works, you can neither withdraw your profit nor your loss as it works on virtual money.

Nonetheless, the real account works a different way asyou are using your real money. Registration


Most online earning site has a requirement before you can create an account. Well, BetaForex requirement is a South African phone number which an OTP code would be sent to.

Also, you will need to submit some necessary details like your username, and password.

So, to start creating your BetaForex account, visit its official website ‘’ or click BetaForex to go to its registration page. Login


To log into your BetaForex account, you only need your username, and password. Also Make sure you do not forget your login details.

How to withdraw

Note: it may take up to 24-48 hours for the money to reflect on your account

  •  click on the hambourger icon
  • set the amount you want to withdraw
  • enter your details

Did have app

At the time of writing this article don’t have any application

Trust Pilot Reviews


At this time of publishing this article No Trustpilot  reviews yet.

Is Legit or a scam?


For as many that are looking for the answer to the question is legit or scam? Well, BetaForex is currently a legit site which has been seen to pay users since the last few days of launch. However, no one knows how long this would last, and if BetaForex would end up crashing.

Nevertheless, I would advise all users to avoid putting more than they can afford to lose especially for those who chose to earn without BetaForex bot.



Solidinfos is in no way affiliated with this website or platform, we are just a review site, we review money-making sites and make sure readers don’t get scammed.




In conclusion, is still new as we know it, it will surely face its imminent crash like other scam websites. This is why we always advise you to stick around on our blog to get the best, newest and undiluted information about any Ponzi, Investment, or MLM site that is paying, about to start paying, or that has already crashed.


Thanks for reading. If you’ve cashed out or not from or you lost your money, please let us know by leaving a comment below.



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