Review : Is Legit or Scam?

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This article focuses on the review of There has been a lot of questions being asked if is legit or scam.

Not to worry though because in this article,I will give a breakdown if is legit or a scam.

So, if you are ready, let’s get into it.

Is Legit or a Scam?

As of this moment of writing this article, is regarded as a SCAM!


Who is the CEO/Founder of

The CEO/Founder of is not known by anybody. This is actually the first way to know if a business is a scam or a legit one.

Also, the launch date for isn’t known.


Where can I Find can only be found online as there are no physical address.


Few Reviews From Trustpilot


Andre M. Wrote:

Not much more to add than what’s already been submitted in other reviews. The items you receive look NOTHING like the items on their website. It’s as if the images on the website are inspiration pieces for the “seamstresses” to try and replicate with the cheapest material you can imagine. The seams are way off, the sizes are not even remotely accurate and the material is that of cheap Barbie doll quality. Their website claims that orders must be canceled within 24 hours. I emailed support@broswear well within 24 hours (unfortunately after seeing the reviews) and they claimed that my items had already shipped (no retailer moves at that pace). And now I’m stuck inside a coupon counteroffer negotiation purgatory while attempting to return these items and be refunded the $200 I spent with them. Their website also mentions a return policy that they are thus far, not honoring. I filed a complaint with PayPal. BEWARE OF COMPANY. IT’S A SCAM. THEIR MARKETING IS ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA. SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. AVOID!!!


Chris White Wrote:

I have ordered an outfit 3eeks ago and it still haven’t came I requested a refund but they said it have already been processed and I know they are lying we should sue them immediately.

Consumer Wrote:

Do NOT use Broswear!!! I ordered Christmas gifts for my husband and sons on Nov. 11. It’s now Jan 9th. Still no package!!!! I’ve emailed the Broswear support people several times. They gave me tracking numbers for China Post. I was unable to track my order with this. I wrote again and they assured me that my package was sent and in the USPS system. They gave me a tracking number that is in the system but according to the USPS customer service, they have never received an actual package. The “package” is stuck in Compton California. According to the tracking system, it left Compton Christmas Day then returned back to Compton on Jan 7th! The USPS customer service rep says there’s no info on who the third party agent facility is, under weight of package, there is a “0”. I ordered 3 sweaters and a coat. These people are scammers! Do not use them!!!

Conclusion can not be recommended to anyone by Solidinfos. We will advice you to stay clear off the website to avoid getting scammed.

We would love to hear from you on what you think about Please,leave a comment below.





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