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There are lots of ways to make money online without getting scared of losing your money. Some of them simply involve taking a survey, watching videos, or doing a simple task or the other.

In this article, I will be focusing on Eapay8.com reviews as I will go in-depth to list the advantages and disadvantages of using the site to make money.

Eapay8.com is a site that you make money with any time, anywhere for simply downloading the app Interesting yeah? Well, stick around as I reveal more details about this new site everyone seems to be talking about.

If you ready for your mind to be blown, lets get started….

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Eapay8.com Review

To review Eapay8.com properly, I need to make a disclaimer here. None of our writers or sponsors on Solidinfos own the site known as Eapay8.com.

This article is merely a review of Eapay8.com to make a public awareness whether the website is a legit earning website or a scam.

This review article of Eapay8.com includes: which country is eligible to work on Eapay8.com , about  Eapay8.com, how to get paid on Eapay8.com and a whole other stuffs.

Like I said earlier, please stick around 🙂

About Eapay8.com

What is Eapay8.com?

Well, Eapay8.com is a website that pays you for after downloading the app on your device while Apple users need to open the settings to download the APP and add trust to use it normally.

Surprised yeah? Lol… I too was surprised at first but that’s all you need to do.


Who is the Owner of Eapay8.com

The CEO/Founder of Eapay8.com is not known by anybody. This is normal for most of these sites that’s why we always advice you to not give out money you can’t afford to lose.

Also, the launch date for Eapay8.com isn’t known.

How do I get Paid by Eapay8.com / Eapay8.com  Withdrawal

First of all, the current threshold for withdrawal on Eapay8.com is $5.

When you get to the threshold, you can hit the withdrawal button when you are ready to withdraw.

Which Country is Eligible to Work on Eapay8.com

As long as you have access to the internet, a computer or a mobile phone, your location doesn’t matter. All countries are eligible to work on Eapay8.com.

How does Eapay8.com Work / How to Earn Money on Eapay8.com

To earn on Eapay8.com, It is very easy. All you need to do is to download the app, EA Pay and follow the instructions as follows.

Please note that Solidinfos doesn’t encourage any form of investment into Eapay8.com. If you still want to go ahead to invest/deposit your money on Eapay8.com then do that at your own peril and always invest money you are ok to lose.

You can also earn on Eapay8.com from making referrals.

Eapay8.com Sign up / How to Create an Account on Eapay8.com

To simply download the Eapay app, install and follow the money-making instructions. As for Apple users, please follow these steps:

  • Apple users need to open the settings to download the APP and add trust to use it normally
  • Please go to Settings general equipment management
  • Click Trust. Go back to the desktop and open EA Pay. Download and installation complete

This process shouldn’t take long, at most 3 mins.

Eapay8.com Login / How to Login to Eapay8.com

Just download the Eapay app

Is Eapay8.com Legit?

Is Eapay8.com legit? Well we can’t give you a concrete YES! This is because Eapay8.com is still fairly new and payment proofs are not yet all over the internet.

If you must, please try the referral method to see if you can cash out from there but please, we do not encourage you to deposit/invest any money on the site. If you do, you do that at your own risk.

Is Eapay8.comScam?

I can’t say it’s a scam because the website is still fairly new.


In conclusion, Eapay8.com is still a fairly new earning site on the web. We advise you to give the referral method of earning a try before going all in – if you want.

Thanks for reading. I you’ve cashed out or not from Eapay8.com or you are merely interested, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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