Edu given fresh £81m transfer boost as Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal transformation proves key

Edu given fresh £81m transfer boost as Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal transformation proves key

Raheem Sterling is apparently choosing Arsenal over Barcelona as his future destination, demonstrating Mikel Arteta’s metamorphosis.

There was generally only one winner whenever Barcelona fought with another club for a player’s signing. However, those days may be coming to an end shortly.

Arsenal’s pursuit of Raheem Sterling has gained a further boost, with TransferMarketWeb stating that the 26-year-old would prefer to join Mikel Arteta’s side over Barcelona.


The England international has been linked with a move away from Man City after failing to sign a new deal with Pep Guardiola’s side.


The Gunners have been connected with the winger on several occasions, and it is widely known that Arsene Wenger has always admired him.

If Arsenal is able to finalize the transaction, it will be a credit to Mikel Arteta’s efforts, as he has re-established the club as a desirable destination following its recent resurgence.


The Gunners had a disastrous start to the season, losing their first three Premier League games and allowing nine goals in the process, dropping to the bottom of the standings.

Arteta’s side, on the other hand, has gone on a 10-match undefeated streak since the September international break, rising the league ladder substantially. They are now only two points behind the leaders.

Arsenal are now the most in-form club in the league, and there is a strong sense of squad unity, as well as a buzz surrounding the players, that makes the group appealing to join.
This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why Sterling would prefer Arsenal to Barcelona. The English side is presently the most likely to play Champions League football next season, with the La Liga team in ninth position.


During his six-year tenure with Man City, Sterling has 115 goals and 88 assists while also playing a key role in the club’s most recent Premier League title triumph.

Despite the fact that he would not fit into Edu’s new transfer strategy of recruiting players aged 23 or younger, he would still be a valuable addition to the club.

It also helps that Arteta coached Sterling at Manchester City before joining Arsenal as head coach, so the Englishman will have some concept of how the Spaniard wants his squad to set up and what he expects from his players.


Arsenal would be making a significant statement by signing Sterling, and with him apparently preferring the Gunners over Barcelona, Arteta deserves a lot of credit because such a move would have been unthinkable only a few seasons ago.

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