Evicted Yousef

Unluckily for Yousef, today being the 19th day of September, was the end of his staying in the Big Brother house, to cut the long story short, Yousef has been evicted from the Big Brother house alongside Saskay.

However, on the other side, Yousef who has been evicted has also mentioned that he has no regret being evicted.

He also mentioned that he was fulfilled and happy for how far he had gone in the game.

He also made mention having an interest in starting a movie production career.

After Yousef has been evicted from the Big Brother house, he revealed and gave some reasons why he loves communicating with Angel and what he also loves about Angle.

He said, “I am glad to make it this far. I love talking to her because she is mature and brings relief. I expect endorsement deals after this.


It could be recalled that on the 29th of August, Yousef became one of the housemates that Angel kissed passionately since the inception of the reality show.

This came after Angel claimed earlier that she only kisses males she thinks she’ll be able to sleep with.

Yousef had avoided having an intimate relationship in the house until that point, claiming to be in a serious relationship outside of the show.

In viral footage, spectators were astounded to see Yousef between the legs of Angel, who sat on a bed stroking tongues together.

Yousef first made headlines while in the house when he kissed Liquorose during the truth or dare activities on August 1.

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He said that the reason he kissed Liquorose was that she is his Big Brother obsession.

Whitemoney was taken aback when Yousef responded, “Liquorose is my crush,” and questioned him about his honesty.

Yousef repeated his confession to Whitemoney, emphasizing how serious he is about it. He claimed she was the first person he had a crush on when he entered the house.

“She’s the one you’re crushing on, right?” “Did you tell her?” When Whitemoney inquired, Yousef replied in the negative.

Yousef confirmed this when Whitemoney inquired why he kissed her during the game. When Whitemoney realized what had happened, he shouted, “I never saw it coming!”

Yousef stated, referring to the kiss, “I was waiting for that moment.”

However, you may also want to know a little about the evicted Yousef, below is a short biography of Yousef and most of the things you need to know about him.

Yousef Biography

Full Name Yusuf Garba Adam
Age 29 Years (2021)
Sex Male
Date of Birth 14 April 1992
Place of Birth Nassarawa
Marital status Single
Occupation High school Teacher, event and TV presenter, and Model

Yousef BBNaija, 29, was born on April 14, 1992, in the Nigerian state of Nasarawa. His father is from Nigeria, and his mother is from the Arabian Peninsula.

He is the fifth and final child in a family of five, including three boys and two daughters. Both of his older sisters have married. Yousef BBNaija was born with a silver spoon, but things at home were difficult financially.

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He had no choice but to move in with his aunt at some point. The loss of his aunt, he claims, was the most devastating event in his life.

Yousef Bbnaija Career

Yousef BBNaija is a high school teacher by trade. He is a Nigerian model as well as an event host. He claims that he adores his excellent looks and that he can’t stop looking in the mirror.

Personal Facts About Yousef Bbnaija You Should Know

  1. Yousef  BBNaija describes himself soft-spoken, fun loving, down to earth go-getter”
  2. His hobbies include hiking, reading, traveling, and sport.
  3. Yousef BBNaija likes helping others reach their goals.
  4. He is a lover of good music.
  5. Yousef BBNaija is a fitness enthusiast, and thus likes working out to maintain his good physique.
  6. He is a big food enthusiast.
  7. Yousef BBNaija is a handsome dude who says he can’t resist checking himself in the mirror.

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