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How would you feel when a supposed online earning platform turns out to be a scam? When the money you invest in turns out to be a fraud. Trust me, I’ve been there! This can be disheartening!

This is why we have created this website, Solidinfos, to fish out the real scam sites and warn people about them by doing enough research and giving out valuable information about these sites.

You will learn not only about scam sites, but also about legitimate ones. We review these sites, including those from higher authority platforms, so that you, our reader, can make an informed decision. Finding the right source on the internet these days is extremely difficult.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Uplevelreward.com, a popular website. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about it somewhere, so here’s a review before you invest in it.

Follow me to learn about the most important information on this platform.

Without further ado, let us begin the review.


About Flashcash33.com /Flashcash33.com Review

Flashcash33.com is an online earning platform that allows you to complete tasks and earn commissions on the platform.
You can also earn by referring and inviting friends and family to join the platform using your referral link and you get a commission for each referral, according to the platform.


How to get started with the Flashcash33.com

Complete 25 Deals to claim a $1000 Reward or complete fewer to claim a lesser value Reward. For example: to claim a $5 Reward, complete one Deal from level2 1 and one Deal from level 2 for a total of 2 Deals. See below for total # of Deals required to claim Rewards from each level.

How to earn cash the on Flashcash33.com Platform

To start participating and earning on this platform, you must be a registered member. Visit their official website, and complete your registration

You can typically complete all of the required sponsored Deals within 5-7 days (some may take up to 60 days to complete). Once you complete the required number of Deals, you must complete the reward claims process, which requires ID verification. It typically takes our customer service team 5-7 days to verify and deliver your Reward.
Get a Quick Start

Want to track your progress? Sign up for SMS alerts to keep you up to date on your Reward status and Deal credits.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I qualify to earn a Reward?

To qualify for a Reward, you must: (1) be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older; (2) provide accurate registration information (including your name and contact information, i.e., valid residential and email addresses), and (3) COMPLETE THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF DEALS AND LEVELS, WHICH USUALLY REQUIRE PAID PARTICIPATION OR PAID SUBSCRIPTION, within a sixty-day period that commences on the date that you complete your first Deal. Once you have completed the required number and Levels and Deals to qualify for your Reward, you must promptly complete the multistep Reward claim process, which requires ID verification, to claim and obtain your Reward. Once you start the multistep Reward claim process, you must complete it within thirty (30) days. For additional information on the Rewards Program requirements, see our Terms & Conditions.


2. I reached the Website through a link in an email I received.  Can I share my link with my family and friends so they can get a Reward?

Links are individualized.  As such, we do not allow you to share links to our Websites with other consumers. You may not use a link obtained outside of our normal marketing channels or reuse a link that you previously used to claim a Reward. Accessing one of our sites “mid-path” by skipping the registration and/or survey pages may result in disqualification from receiving a Reward. If you have family or friends that are interested in our Reward websites, they can reach our website at uplevelrewards.com which will enable them to start at a landing page of the Website.


3. Why is it important for me to provide accurate registration information? 

We rely on our users providing accurate registration information so we and our Marketing Partners can connect with and market to our users. We also require accurate registration information for verification purposes; the information provided during registration should match the information you provide to our Marketing Partners when completing Deals. This helps us ensure that you are accurately credited for completion of Deals. If your registration information (name, postal address, email address) does not match the information on your claim ticket and claim verification form, we reserve the right to disqualify you. In some instances, our system may pre-populate inaccurate registration information. If this happens, contact us here and provide the correct information so we can update the system.


4. I have registered and completed the survey questions. Where is my Reward? 

Completion of the survey questions is not required to earn or claim a Reward.  As set out in the Program Requirements, you must complete the required number of Levels and Deals, outlined below in the next question, as the next step to earn your Reward.

Remember, you must complete the required number and Levels of Deals within sixty (60) days of completing the first Deal. Once you have completed the required number and categories of Deals, complete the multistep claim reward process (which requires ID verification) to claim and obtain your Reward.

5. I want to claim a lower value Reward. How do I claim a lower value Reward?

In order to earn your Reward, you must complete the number of Deals at each Level that correspond to the Reward value of your choosing. The Level Up program allows you to select or change your Reward value up until you begin the process to claim your Reward. At each Level, you can choose to continue to complete Deals and “Level Up” or claim a Reward and exit the Level Up program. You can complete Deals and claim Rewards at values of $5, $100, $250, $500, $750, and $1000 as set out below:

6. What types of products or services are featured on the Levels 1-5 Deal pages?

Deals, offered by our Marketing Partners may include book and movie clubs, subscription boxes, credit reporting services, discount shopping services, credit cards, or health products. Deals also may include app and game downloads and use. Some Deals require the purchase of a product or subscription, while others may include a free or low-cost trial that converts to a full cost payment. Some subscription Deals automatically register you for recurring product shipments and payments that continue until you cancel the service. Shipping and handling costs are determined by our Marketing Partners. Click  here for a chart that provides information on many available Deals, their payment obligations, and ways to cancel. Our selection of Deals, which are offered by our Marketing Partners, may change frequently based on the success of those Deals and may be offered by our Marketing Partners on a rotating basis.


7. How do I complete a Deal? 

To complete a Deal, click on the “Claim Deal” icon below the Deal and complete the steps specified in the description. Remember to play to the stated Level, complete the trial as described, or subscribe to the service to be credited with completion of the Deal! Please note that it can take up to five (5) days for a completed deal to display on your Reward Status page – so be patient!

Remember, to be credited with completion of a Deal, you must access the Deal through the Website or through a valid link provided to you by customer support. You must use the same accurate contact information for completing the required Deals as you did during the registration process. You may not have a third party (friend, relative, etc.) complete Deals for you. For more details on obtaining credit for completed Deals, see the Terms & Conditions.


8. I want to complete Deals, but I don’t have the time right now to finish the requirements.  Can a friend or family member complete Deals for me? 

No. You may not have a third party (friend, relative, etc.) complete Deals for you.


9. Can I go to the Marketing Partner sites directly to complete my Deals?

While we encourage you to patronize our third-party sponsors and sign-up for their great products in the future, you must access the Deal through the Website on particular page or through a valid link provided to you by customer support to be credited with completion of a Deal. You must use the same accurate contact information for completing the required Deals as you did during the registration process to receive credit for Deal completion.

If you link to a Deal and complete it in any other manner, you may not receive credit for that Deal.


10. If I click on an advertisement or leave the Website after I’ve completed a Deal, how do I get back to the Deals page to complete more Deals? 

If you do not complete all of the required Deals during your initial visit to the Website, click the “Reward Status” button (located in the footer section of the Website’s landing page), log in, and use the provided link that will enable you to resume signing up for Deals. If you are unable to resume signing up for Deals via this method, contact customer support for assistance. You should retain any confirmation emails or other documentation received concerning completed Deals.


11. How do I check to see how many Deals I have completed? 

To see how many Deals you have completed, click  here.

Please note: To be credited with completion of a Deal, you must access the Deal through the Website or through a valid link provided to you by customer support. You must use the same accurate contact information for completing the required Deals as you did during the registration process. You may not have a third party (friend, relative, etc.) complete Deals for you.


12. I think I signed up for all of the required Deals, but my Reward status doesn’t show that all of my Deals have been registered. What do I do? 

After you select “Claim Deal” and follow the directions to complete that Deal, the completed Deal may not immediately display on your Reward Status page. Don’t worry, it can take up to five (5) days for a completed Deal to display on your Reward Status page. If you have completed a Deal but it has been more than five (5) days and the Deal still doesn’t display on your Reward Status page, click  here to submit a customer service request detailing your situation and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

For a subscription or purchase Deal, the Marketing Partner must be able to successfully bill your credit card at least once or for the number of times specified in the particular Deal’s terms to receive credit. Some of our Marketing Partners will not accept prepaid cards to complete Deals. You will not be credited with completing a Deal unless the Marketing Partner confirms your completion, so do not use a prepaid card for Deals or cancel a Deal right after you signup. Many Marketing Partners will not give credit to a “quick cancel.” For this reason, there may be a delay from the time you sign up for a Deal and when it appears as a completed Deal on your Reward Status. Additional terms and conditions may apply to participate in select marketing Deals. You should read the terms of each Deal provided by the Marketing Partner for an explanation of these terms. Specific Deal terms, as well as the Terms and Conditions set out herein, govern each Deal. Please see our Representative Deal Chart for a brief description of most Deals, information on initial and ongoing commitments, and how to cancel. For additional information on Deals, visit the sponsoring Marketing Partner’s website. Customer support is also available to provide assistance  here.


13. How do I cancel a Deal that I signed up for?

Oh no! We’re sorry that you didn’t love the Deal. You can refer to this chart, which may provide contact and cancellation information for your Deal. Because our Deals are offered through our Marketing Partners, you should contact the Marketing Partner directly with any questions or issues or to cancel the Deal. We are not able to cancel or modify your subscriptions or Deals. However, if you still require assistance after reaching out to the Marketing Partner, submit a customer service request here detailing your situation and we will do our best to resolve the issue.


14. I completed the required number of Deals to qualify for my Reward. When will my Reward be sent to me?

After completing the required number and categories of Deals to qualify for your Reward, you must complete the multistep claim reward process (which requires ID verification) to claim and obtain your Reward. It may take up to 7-10 business days for us to send your Reward once you have completed the multistep claim reward process. For more information on the reward claim process, see our Terms & Conditions.


15. What documentation do I need to provide during the reward claim process to claim and obtain my Reward?

Once you submit your claim ticket on the Website, an email with further instructions on next steps will be sent to the email address that you provided during registration. The email will explain that you must submit a claim verification form and verify your ID. To verify your ID, you must submit a copy of valid, unexpired government-issued ID (without the identification number showing). For more information on the reward claim process, please see our Terms & Conditions.


16. Why do I have to submit proof of payment, my photo ID, and confirm my initial registration information?

Our program has specific Terms & Conditions with respect to the requirements for a Reward, including limitations on how often Rewards can be obtained by household members. We want to ensure that our Rewards are being awarded to those who properly adhere to our Terms and Conditions. We reward those who play by the rules – not those who are trying to avoid the rules, game the system or, worse, fraudulently receive Rewards.


17. What if my Reward item arrives damaged or is defective?

We use third parties (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) to ship your Reward. If your Reward arrives damaged, contact the vendor who sent your Reward. If your virtual gift card Reward arrives defective, contact us here and we will help you resolve the issue.


18. Why is my account being audited?

As part of the reward claim process, we may require additional documentation to substantiate your registration information and/or completion of Deals. Our Audit Team reserves the right to request any additional documentation that may supplement your claim for a Reward.


19. Is there a limit on the number of Rewards I can earn?

Yes, there is a limit. Rewards are limited to one Reward per household (which is defined as persons living at the same address) within any 12-month period for a Level 4 or above Reward. For all other Reward Levels, you must wait 60 days until you can earn another Reward. You are always welcome back to our Rewards Program after each waiting period!


20. Are there any fees associated with processing my gift card claim?

You are only responsible for a shipping fee if you choose to receive a physical gift card from the available gift card options. Virtual gift cards are available without fee.


21. What happens if I do not receive my Reward in the time frame provided?

After completing the claims process, you will receive an email from Tremendous allowing you to select your Reward. If it has been more than 2 weeks and you have not received your email, contact us here.


How to signup into the Flashcash33.com platform| signup process

1. Go to the official page
2. You will be asked to provide your full name, email address
3. Verify your email address through the verification link
4. read the terms and conditions and click sign up

Flashcash33.com Login Procedures

  • Go to the official page
  • Since you already provided your information, you log in with your email address/ username and click login


How to withdraw on Flashcash33.com

There are available options on the website, to withdraw. you can use local banks, PayPal, Payoneer, and the likes.


Does Flashcash33.com have an app?

At the time of this publication, Flashcash33.com claims to have a mobile app, except for a site and a good design.

Flashcash33.com  payment proof

At the time of publication, there are no available payment proofs from this platform.



New site

This site is still new, so it’s kind of scary to trust such sites.

Trust Pilot Reviews

This website is not recognized by Trustpilot yet.

Note: Solidinfos is in no way affiliated with this website or platform, we are just a review site, we review money-making sites and make sure readers don’t get scammed.


In conclusion, Flashcash33.com  is still reasonably new; as we know it, it will surely face its imminent crash like other scam websites. This is why we always advise you to stick around on our blog to get the best, newest and undiluted information about any Ponzi, Investment, or MLM site that is paying, about to start paying, or that has already crashed.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve cashed out or not from Flashcash33.com or you lost your money, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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