How and Why it will be better for both parties if he leaves Arsenal

How and Why it will be better for both parties if he leaves Arsenal

Eddie Nketiah’s contract at Arsenal will not be extended, according to Sky Sports.

Neither party can come to an agreement.

When his manager doesn’t even include him in his matchday squad, the club naturally can’t justify paying him more than $17,000 per week.


According to all reports, the striker isn’t driven by money, but rather by a desire to play first-team football.


Even though he scored in the past two rounds of the Carabao Cup, the forward’s position has remained unchanged.


Arteta’s willingness to play a young player in the League Cup who he knows will be somewhere before the end of the season reflects the 22-year-mindset. old’s


When it comes to people who don’t have a long-term future in North London, our management is inconsistent. Some have been loaned out, while others have been compensated for their time spent at home. Our employer seemed to be pleased with the player’s training approach. If you say it gently enough, he might not be good enough. He can no longer claim to be a rookie.


He’s old enough now to be tested in training to see if he can fulfill the Gunners’ standards and values.

The fact that he’s further away from confronting Auba and Laca than he’s ever been tells you everything.


That isn’t meant as a slight. It’s fine if you’re not up to this challenge. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up at a club in the middle of the table, where he can make a good living.


We need someone better than Eddie to match our ambition (all of Josh Kroenke’s ambitions).


This may sound strange when discussing a goal scorer, but your striker in 2021 must be more than simply a goal scorer, especially if he is the only forward. The role include holding the ball aloft, collaborating with others, pushing, and so on. It’s a skill from the past to be just good in the penalty area.


Even so, the most of his goals have come in cup competitions, when he was brought on when we were chasing games and seemed out of place. I say ‘used to’ because in games like Palace vs. Brighton, you need a goal and someone who considers himself a natural finisher is watching the game on TV.


He’ll be free to speak to teams overseas in January, while I anticipate clubs in the UK to play Arsenal’s bluff and sell him for a bargain or lose him for nothing. That’s what happens when a player’s contract is allowed to lapse, something we were told would never happen again following Ramsey.


He should start against Sunderland, but that will have little influence on where he is in the Premier League pecking order (or even be a sub).


While Arteta says he would want the player to sign a new contract, he does not believe he should be given additional playing time. It’s possible that the Spaniard is acting as a shrewd diplomat once more.


It’s not healthy for a 22-year-old to play so little football, and he has to progress…

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