How to Convert WEBP Image to JPG, GIF, or PNG

Are you trying to  Convert WEBP Image to JPG, GIF, or PNG and you are looking for the fastest and free method on How to Convert WEBP Image to JPG, GIF, or PNG? then you have come to the right place.

Below are the simple steps you can follow to get this done.

How to Convert WEBP Image to JPG, GIF, or PNG

How to Convert WEBP using Paint or Preview

If you’ve already finished downloading a WEBP image, drag it back into the browser and save it in JPG or PNG format using the extensions listed above.

You can also use the native Paint (Windows) or Preview (Mac) tools to convert a WEBP image to JPG or PNG. You can also save them as GIF files, but neither application can handle animated WEBP images.


1. Right-click the WEBP image and select Open with Paint.

2. Open the File menu in Paint and click on Save as. Then, select PNG picture or JPEG picture.

3. Choose the location you want to save the file to and select Save.

img 611ac93ae60ed

Note: If you can’t open the WEBP image in Paint, install the Webp Image Extension from the Microsoft Store and try again.


1. Double-click the WEBP image to open it in Preview.

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2. Click and open pen the Edit menu and select Export.

3. Open the Format menu and select JPEG or PNG. Then, select Save.

img 611ac93b6881a


How to Convert WEBP Images Using Third-Party Apps

The best way to bulk convert multiple WEBP photos to JPG or PNG formats is to download and install a free image conversion tool.

The three tools listed below can be used on desktop devices.

IrfanView (Windows Only)

IrfanView is a lightweight and quick graphics viewer that allows you to convert images in batches. for all WEBP formats, you will need to install the IrfanView All Plugins pack.

1. Download and install IrfanView and the IrfanView All Plugins pack.

2. Open IrfanView. Then, select the File menu and click on Batch Conversion/Rename.

3. Choose the WEBP images you want to convert and click on Add All. Then, specify an Output format and select Start Batch.

img 611ac93bca103

WebpConverter (macOS Only)

If you have a Mac, you can download and install the WebpConverter program from the Mac Program Store to batch convert WEBP photos to JPG or PNG formats.

1. Download and install WEBPConverter.

2. Use WebpConverter’s Add Files button to add files to a conversion queue.

3. From the option on the bottom left of the screen, choose an output format, such as Webp to JPG. Then select Convert from the drop-down menu.

img 611ac93cc6709

XnConvert (Windows and macOS)

XnConvert is a batch image converter for Windows and Mac OS X. It can convert photographs (including WEBP) to a number of different image formats. It also provides a number of output options, allowing you to customize the conversion process.

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1. Download and install XnConvert.

2. Choose the WEBP photos you want to convert in XnConvert.

3. Choose the Output tab to customize your image output options (keep or delete metadata, preserve color profiles, remove the originals, etc.). Then click on Convert.

img 611ac93e346db

Convert Animated WEBP Images to GIF

You can use a variety of methods to convert animated WEBP photographs to GIF, but the easiest method is to use an online conversion tool. You can do this using a variety of services, but here are a few to consider:

Most sites allow you to upload one or more animated WEBP photos for conversion. Then, as the output format, choose GIF, start the conversion, and store the converted files to your computer.

img 611ac93ebfe96

Alternatively, you can convert any WEBP photos by pasting their URLs. This allows you to download them in GIF format directly.


Finally, we have come to the end of this article on how to How to Convert WEBP Image to JPG, GIF, or PNG.

However, if you still encounter any problems while following the steps in this article, feel free to use the comment section, we are always ready to help you by answering all your questions and providing solutions for you.

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