How To Poke On Facebook

While others think it is outdated, some still wonder how to poke on Facebook, especially in 2021 where Facebook has gone through a series of upgrades and somehow the poking feature seems to be fading away.

If you are one of the many other Facebook users who still doesn’t know how to poke on Facebook, then this article is definitely for you!

Back in the early days of Facebook, poking was a very popular feature. Normally, people would use it to poke their friends and family.

You can poke someone who hasn’t been on Facebook in a long time, for example. The person will receive an email and a Facebook notification after being poked.

You’ll discover how to poke on Facebook using the updated Facebook app (2021) in this article.

But somehow you may be wondering what is this really about? What is poking on Facebook? stick around we are right here with you!

What is poking on Facebook?

On Facebook, “poking” is a basic but addictive feature. When you poke your friends, they receive an instant notification that says, “‘Mr A’ poked you.” Your friend has the choice to poke you back at the moment.

It just takes a minute or two to learn how (and when) to poke on Facebook, so open your Facebook mobile app and follow along!

Why should you poke a friend on Facebook?

You can poke someone on Facebook as an icebreaker if you haven’t spoken to them in a while.

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Poking people on Facebook can be done in a variety of ways.

You can use this to send someone a greeting.

You can however poke someone to see if they would poke back at you.

You can only send another poke if the other person responds.

How to poke on Facebook

To poke someone on Facebook, use the search bar and type in “Poke.”

Then, to poke someone, go to the “Pokes” shortcut and tap “Poke.”

You will receive a notification that you have poked someone once you have poked them.

The person will be notified by email as well as through Facebook alerts.

The poke function is still available today.

However, because it is concealed on Facebook, you will have to seek it.

You’ll see a list of your Facebook friends who have poked you once you’re on the pokes page.

A list of suggested pokes will also be available.

A step-by-step method to poking someone on Facebook can be found below.

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How to poke on Facebook using a phone

Click on the Facebook search icon

How To Poke On Facebook
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First of all, go to your mobile device’s Facebook app and open it.

You may also do this on a PC, just go through the PC steps explained immediately after this one.

However, because the screenshots in this article were captured on a mobile device, your user interface may differ.

Navigate to any page after you’ve opened the Facebook app.

Then, on the top navigation bar, you’ll notice a search icon.

You must conduct a search to locate the pokemon page.

Because the pokes page is hidden from the Facebook menu, this is the case.

To use Facebook’s search tool, use the search icon.

You may use the search option to look for things like articles, individuals, shortcuts, and more.

Because the poke function is listed as “Facebook shortcuts,” you can find it using the search option.

To know how to get to the poke function, go to the next step.

Search and tap on “Pokes”

How To Poke On Facebook
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The search function will open after you’ve tapped on the search icon.

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Your recent searches are listed below the search bar.

Look up “Pokes” in the search bar.

Then, tap “search” to look for the poke feature.

You’ll notice a “Facebook shortcuts” banner once you’ve searched for “Pokes.”

You’ll find a shortcut called “Pokes” under the “Facebook shortcuts” header.

The “Pokes” shortcut is the one you want to use.

To access the poke function, tap on “Pokes.”

Continue to the next step to discover how to poke your Facebook friends.

Tap on “Poke”

How To Poke On Facebook
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You’ll be taken to the pokes page after tapping on the “Pokes” function.

Under “Pokes” on the pokes tab, you’ll find a list of friends who have poked you on Facebook.

You’ll also see a list of your friends who you can poke under “Suggested Pokes.”

These friends are suggested by Facebook based on an algorithm.

Simply tap the “Poke” button next to someone’s name to poke them.

They’ll get a poke notification by email and on the Facebook app when you poke them.

Then your friend has the option of either ignoring the poke or poking you back.

You can poke them again if they decide to poke you.

If your friend ignores your poke, though, you won’t be able to poke them again.

You can poke back any of your friends who have poked you under the “Pokes” category.

By tapping the “Poke Back” button, you can do so.

The “Poke Back” button works similarly to the “Poke” button in that it notifies your friend that you’ve poked them back.

You’ve mastered the art of poking someone on Facebook!

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How to poke on Facebook using your PC

Go to a friend’s profile

How To Poke On Facebook
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It’s simple to poke a friend. To begin, go to the profile of the person you want to poke. This can be done by typing their name into the search bar, going to their Friends page, clicking their name in your news feed, and so on.

You can just poke your friends’ list; you won’t be able to poke someone you aren’t friends with.

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Click the option button

How To Poke On Facebook
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You’ll see a profile image on the left, a cover photo hanging across the top, and a few buttons on the right side of your friend’s timeline. Look for one that has a three-dot ellipsis on it. Then click on this button.

Click “Poke

How To Poke On Facebook
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This will send a poke notice to your friend. Your buddy can either poke you back or remove the poke.

What if someone poked you? How to check for pokes on Facebook

How To Poke On Facebook
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The Pokes tab on Facebook is a quick method to see all of your pokes at once. is where you can find it. You can view who has poked you and who has poked you in this section.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about poking on Facebook

Is poking around on Facebook a kind of flirting?

Poking around on Facebook isn’t always the same as flirting.

It can be used as a kindly nudge, an icebreaker, or a simple hello.

You can poke someone who hasn’t been on Facebook in a long time, for example, to get them back on the platform.

You can also poke someone to say hello without being overbearing.

It all boils down to the purpose of the poke.

How do I “un-poke” someone I’ve accidentally poked?

You can’t “un-poke,” unfortunately. The majority of people will simply disregard a poke.

How can I poke someone multiple times in a row?

Just keep clicking the poke button beside the user’s handle.


Poking people on Facebook has gotten a poor rep over the years.

Some people find the functionality unsettling because they might be poked by people they don’t know.

Others believe the feature is pointless because it simply pokes each other in the eye.

Poking can be perplexing since you never know what the person doing the poking is thinking.

Is it merely a hello or something more?

At the end of the day, the receiver’s deduction is the deciding factor.

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