How to Upgrade MTN Sim to 4G

Are you looking for a way on How to Upgrade MTN Sim to 4G without having to visit a phone engineer to do it for you? then you got to stick around and read this article till the end to get the knowledge and save the money you would have spent to pay someone to do it for you.

How to check if your phone supports 4G

It is very important that you check if your phone actually supports 4G because it is not all the phone that actually supports the 4G network, this can, in turn, affect the sim card that is used with it.

Even if you have a 4G sim card, if your phone doesn’t support 4G, then eventually, there is no need for the 4G network because it will automatically switch back to 3G except you change the phone.

so now, let us move into the steps on How you can check if your phone supports 4G.

  • On your mobile phone, Click on ‘Settings’ from the menu.
  • Click on the Network and Internet tab
  • Then click on Mobile Network
  • Tap on preferred Network
  • You will see an option to select between 2G, 3G, and 4G.

If 4G is not in this option, then you should know that your phone does not support the 4G network. In this case, even if you have a 4G network sim card or you upgrade your 3G to 4G with that phone, the upgrade will be useless.

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This is why it is always important to check for phones review before buying any phone, and while checking the review, you should also ensure that you check out the network feature of the particular post you want to buy.

After checking to know if your phone supports the 4G network, it is also important that you check if your sim card is 4G enabled.

To do that, follow the steps below,

How to check if your SIM card is 4G/LTE enabled

  1. MTN Sim card: Send ‘4G‘ to 131 via SMS to confirm.
  2. Glo Sim Card: Text 4G to 400 and wait for feedback
  3. Airtel Sim Card: For Airtel subscribers, dial *121# and select 4G services.
  4. 9mobile SIM card: 9mobile subscribers need not check if their sim card is 4G-enabled. It is 4G enabled by default, provided that your Phone supports it and that you are in an area covered by 9mobile 4G network.

How to Upgrade MTN Sim to 4G

Now that you have checked and you can tell whether your phone and sim card is 4G enabled, you can now move on to the main business of today which is How to Upgrade MTN Sim to 4G.

To do that, follow the steps below

How to upgrade MTN SIM To 4G/5G Manually

  • Swap your current SIM for a USIM
  • Text 4G to 131, and
  • You’d receive an SMS confirming that your device is 4G/LTE ready

How to upgrade MTN SIM To 4G/5G by Visiting Service Center

  1. Back up your contacts.
  2. Visit any MTN Service Centre nearest to you with a valid National ID.
  3. Request for a SIM upgrade
  4. Submit your old SIM
  5. Fill out the form given to you.
  6. You will be issued a new 4G enabled SIM.
  7. Insert the new SIM in your phone, restart and enjoy
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However, when you get to the office, there are some requirement which is needed before you can upgrade your some card to the 4G network


A valid ID card, you can use a Student ID card or the temporary NIMC card.

You’ll be given a small form to complete. Name, Mother’s Maiden Name, Address, the number of the SIM you want to upgrade, the last six frequently phoned phone numbers, current tariff plan, Date of Birth, and the last two sums recharged are all included. It simply takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the operation.


Follow the steps above carefully in other to be able to upgrade your MTN sim to 4G. however, if you have any problem while using any of the methods above, you can use the comment section below to state it.

We are always ready to help you out by answering your questions.

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