MageNet Review 2021

You are probably searching the internet to know more about MageNet and to also know if it’s worth joining or not, then this MageNet Review will be of great help to you because we are going to be reviewing the MageNet Ad Network honestly.

By the time you are done reading this article, you should be able to know and understand what MageNet is all about, how its works, its pros and cons, and everything you need to know about the platform.

What is Magenet

MageNet Network unites more than 30 thousand websites worldwide in different niches and countries. Taking into account the whole variety of online advertising channels, we help you to define the most efficient digital channels, depending on your needs, according to Magenet.

MageNet is an ad network just like Foremedia, Google Adsense, etc, which enables you to monetize your blog/website and start earning.

However, the main difference between Magenet and other ad networks is in the way ads are been placed on publishers’ sites.

What i mean by that is, Magenet does not place banner ads on the publisher’s side but uses contextual ads rather.

Now, the next question you will be asking yourself is, What is Contextual Advertising or Contextual Ad,

Contextual Advertising

According to Wikipedia

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on websites or other media, such as content displayed in mobile browsers. In context targeting, advertising media are controlled on the basis of the content of a website using linguistic elements

What this means basically is that, in Contextual advertising, the type of ads that are placed on publisher’s websites are content-based ads, and the type of content ads that are being shown or placed on the site is depending on the niche of that particular site or the content.

Magenet Features

magenet features

Below are some of the Features of the Magenet platform.

Full control over your ads:

With Magenet, you have full control over the type of ads that are placed on your website, and this is also dependent on your blog niche.

Passive income

Just like every other ads network, you can earn passively with this ad network if you have a good amount of daily or monthly visitors.

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Advanced stats

Magenet stats is a little bit more advanced than some local ad networks out there. With Magenet stat, you can see everything from how well each ad is doing and the number of traffic you are receiving including your earnings.

Regular payouts

MageNet Pays on a monthly basis which falls between the 25th of each month to the 5 of the next month after withdrawal has been requested.

Customer support

Magenet has a good customer support service team that is always ready to answer your mail almost immediately.

Safe and secure

It is completely free to use Magenet, because there is no bridge in privacy.

Easy to use

Magenet is easy to use and navigate through, this means that even if you are a complete novice in the tech world, you can easily understand how to set up and use Magenet.

How does Magenet work | MageNet Review 2021

As already mentioned above,

MageNet does not display banner or pop-up ads to its users, instead, they focus on contextual advertising, which you can also call content-based ads.

These ads are safe and not considered harmful by Google or any search engine online.

You’ll make money by displaying these adverts on your website, and the greatest part is that everything is done automatically, with no manual work required.

You need to install a plugin to your WordPress site in other to be able to place ads automatically.

How to Join Magenet

How to Join Magenet

In other to join Magenet, all you have to do is

  • Visit Magenet official website.
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill in your first name and email
  • Click on the signup button
  • Now login to complete your registration process

Pros and Cons of Joining Magenet


Below are some of MageNet’s advantages over some ads networks.

  • You have complete control over which adverts show on your website. On the website, you can also change their size and position.
  • It rewards you on a regular basis using PayPal.
  • It is completely free.
  • It is one of the safest ways to make money through advertising.
  • It’s straightforward and easy to use.
  • It will not bombard you with advertising. As a result, your viewers’ experience will be unaffected.
  • The adverts are automatically placed after a single plugin is installed.
  • There is no limit to how many websites you can monetize at once.


Despite its many benefits, there were a few things that we didn’t care for. They must find a solution to these problems.

  • There isn’t any live chat assistance available.
  • The websites’ commission rates are not stated anywhere on their website.

How to make money with Magenet

Basically, there are two ways you can earn on Magenet which are

  • Website Monetization
  • Referral
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Website Monetization

It’s now as easy as ABC to monetize your website or blog. Simply complete the procedures below, and we’ll begin selling advertisements from your website:

  • Add your website to Megenet
  • Install automatic ad placement plugin
  • Set up the desired prices
  • Add mobile phone and set up your notification settings
  • Check out ad placement rules
  • You can also Implement all 23 Steps to Earn More from Your Website

You can also watch the Youtube video to understand more about MageNet.

Referral program

With the Magenet referral program, you earn a 10% commission from every dollar your referrals make with MageNet.

So all you have to do is share your referral links online and get a recruiting commission the earning your affiliate earnings.

What can Affect your MageNet Earnings?

Below are some of the factors that affect your earnings on MegeNet.

  • Your Domain Authority (DA)
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • The number of traffic
  • The country where you get most of your traffic from.


The source for all the FAQs on this page is gotten directly from the Magent FAQ page

How to activate the Universal Plugin?

Universal Plugin is applicable for websites based on multiple types of engines (not only WordPress). In comparison to WP Plugin, the Universal Plugin allows you to choose the place and amount of the ads on a page of your website. To install the Universal plugin learn the Installation Guide.

What is the Performance Rate?

Performance Rate influences the number of sales you get from your sites. The higher your Performance Rate is, the more offers you get. The Performance Rate of the site becomes lower automatically when you failed or rejected the ad placement, or haven’t placed many ads on the site. In this case, the Performance Rate will be reduced to 1%. As result, the site pages will be blocked and unavailable for sales. To keep the Performance Rate high you should not miss tasks for ads placement while using the manual mode of ads placement. In order to be aware of the new tasks, we recommend setting up email and SMS notifications. To increase your Performance Rate, you can activate one of the Automatic Ad Placement Plugins. Currently, there are 2 automatic options available: WordPress Plugin and Universal Plugin. If the Performance Rate of your site has reached 1% you may use the automatic recovery option.  This option is only available for sites with 1% Performance Rate. To use this option click on the Performance Rate and accept the recovery process.

perfomance rate 2

What if I already have the Google Adsense on my site?

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You may place the ads both on Google Adsense and MageNet. They are compatible and won’t come into conflict. The functional process of MageNet is very familiar with Google Adsense, but they are not the same. On Google Adsense, you get the payment when a visitor from your website clicks on a Google Ad. On MageNet you get the payment for the ad once a month. There is a fixed price per one month. The number of clicks doesn’t matter.

What will you do with my websites?

MageNet crawler will index your websites to find all pages and “know” all your content. It will “read” the content of your pages and determine its category. This information is absolutely private and stays ONLY with MageNet. MageNet needs to index the content of your sites in order to be able to offer relevant ads from your sites to our customers.

What if I have a “Warning” message in my account? What should I do?

The warning message appears only in Auto Mode. It goes to show that you’ve failed the ad placement. This information is given to warn you if the plugin doesn’t function correctly. If you got this message, check the availability of your website pages. If you cannot find out the reason for the issue, contact us. Please, consider that your site will be blocked and further sales will be suspended after 3 failed ad placements.

How to withdraw my MageNet balance?

1. Login into your MageNet account

2. Click on the drop-down menu over your balance 3. Choose the “Withdraw” section

Withdraw from magenet

Note: the minimum withdrawal amount is $60.00

4. Fill out this form and click “Request Withdrawal”.

slack 1

What if I don’t have PayPal account?

Currently, we can transfer your MageNet balance only via PayPal and WebMoney. But if you absolutely cannot withdraw your funds using these payment systems, let us know what payment method you prefer.

Payment Threshold

There must be at least $60 on your MageNet balance for you to be able to process the withdrawal.


We hope this Magenet review has answered all the questions you had to ask concerning the Magenet ad network, however, if you still have any questions to ask, use the comment section below to ask them we are always ready to answer all your questions.

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