Mikel Arteta still needs to address huge Arsenal flaw despite bettering Arsene Wenger’s record

Mikel Arteta’s career at Arsenal is discussed by the Arsenal Way crew when he surpasses Arsene Wenger’s 50-win mark.

Mikel Arteta’s term as Arsenal’s manager has not been without controversy.

Following Unai Emery’s departure in November 2019, the appointment of a young coach who had previously worked with Pep Guardiola had fans excited about the prospect of the club’s glory days returning, but nearly two years later, the fanbase is divided on whether Arteta is the right man to lead the massive rebuild required at the Emirates Stadium.

Whatever your feelings on the Spaniard, he has clearly had some memorable moments as Arsenal manager, with the team’s FA Cup final triumph against London rivals Chelsea being the most memorable.

Arteta just achieved his 50th win as Arsenal manager, and you might be astonished to learn that he did so faster than the Gunners’ best ever manager, Arsene Wenger.

Nonetheless, there are questions about whether he’s the ideal guy for the position, and members of The Arsenal Way crew Tom Canton, Chris Davison, and Bailey Keogh took time during a recent episode of The Arsenal Agenda to reflect on Arteta’s tenure as manager.

The debate was kicked off by Keogh, who claimed that Arteta’s tenure had been judged too soon.

“I believe that today’s management jobs are similar to fast food: if you don’t deliver, you’re fired.” When Arsene Wenger was the manager, there was more time allotted.

“Arsene Wenger transformed the club’s culture, allowing him to be granted more time.”

Arteta has had good periods during his Arsenal career, according to Keogh, but the club’s lack of consistency has hampered their advancement.

“I remember defeating Manchester United and winning the FA Cup against Chelsea, and he’s had wonderful moments that have kept him in the position.”

“So he’s had these moments, but there are too many of them, as bad outcomes follow good ones, killing the momentum.” I believe Arteta will be OK if he can maintain consistency in his managing capacity.

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