Profzybest Review

This Profzybest review is here to answer questions like, is Profzybest legit or not, is Profzybest a scam, how can i register on Profzybest, and a lot more.

There are thousand of income programs on the internet which many of them turns out to be a scam. However, Profzybest seems to be one, that is why this question will always come up is Profzybest legit or not?  this question and many more questions you would have asked about the Profzybest platform will be answered in this Profzybest review article.

So keep reading this article to get more insight and knowledge on the Profzybest income program.

But note; Solidinfos is not a financial adviser neither are we trying to promote or demote this income program, we are only out to give the best and honest review on the Profzybest income program from our own perspective of things and experiences.

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What is Profzybest

According to the information found on the website,

Profzybest is an online platform that is owned by a team in order to assist people by increasing their daily income. Profzybest was launched recently in the year 2021… We mainly specialized in trading online, marketing and distributing of goods in the nation’s, we also make our emolument in less than 24hours. Our main motive in launching this website online is to assist investors to increase their monthly income, our main goal is to use the money been invested by our investors to make a profit and pay them back. we trade 24/7 to make sure the investors get paid their money every day, we are known worldwide. 

To cut the long story short, Profzybest claims to be a company that trades with your money and earns you some profits for your investment.

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How Does Profzybest Income Program Work? | Profzybest Review

Before you can start making money on any investment platform or income scheme, you must first register.

This platform gives you a set amount on your dashboard after you register, but you can’t do anything with it. That is to say, joining this site is completely free.

Before you can execute activities on the platform, you must upgrade to a higher plan before you can begin earning money.

How to Earn on Profzybest 

To earn on Profzybest, you have to do that by either performing tasks or referring others to join the platform using your link.

Let me get to explain them better below,

Referral: This is self-explanatory, all you have to do here is to get your referral link and share it with your friends and family or anyone interested in joining the platform.

When they signup using your link and complete the registration process, you get a reward.

Performing Tasks: As the name implies, here, you will have to perform tasks in other to earn.

However, before you can perform any task, you have to first register and be a verified member of the platform. By default after registration, you are a member of the Free VIP.

Below is the list of all the packages offered by Profzybest.

1.) VIP 1

Entry Cost: N0
Daily Revenue: N35
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N500

2.) VIP 2

Entry Cost: N700
Daily Revenue: N400
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N5000

3.) VIP 3

Entry Cost: N1500
Daily Revenue: N950
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N10000

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4.) VIP 4

Entry Cost: N3000
Daily Revenue: N1750
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N20000

5.) VIP 5

Entry Cost: N7000
Daily Revenue: N2850
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N50000

6.) VIP 6

Entry Cost: N12000
Daily Revenue: N4050
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N100000

7.) VIP 7

Entry Cost: N17500
Daily Revenue: N8200
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N200000

8.) VIP 8

Entry Cost: N22000
Daily Revenue: N19200
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N300000

9.) VIP 9

Entry Cost: N31000
Daily Revenue: N34500
Min. Withdrawal: N5000
Required Balance: N500000

How to Join – Profzybest Registration

Follow the steps below to join the platform.

1. Visit their website (
2. Fill the Form
3. Login to your Account
4. By default you are a Free VIP member
5. Start performing tasks

Is Profzybest Legit or Not (a Scam)?

Profzybest from my perspective seems to be a scam because of several factors which i will list below.

  • The information on the owner ( CEO) is not available ( So nobody can be held responsible if things go sideways )
  • The site is new, so payment proofs and testimonies are not yet available to prove the legitimacy of the platform
  • The daily expected earnings are too high which makes it too good to be true.

However, we did not say it’s a scam or not, but we are giving a review from our experiences so don’t conclude that it’s a scam yet.


Profzybest from our review does not seem to be a website that will stand the test of time, however, we will appreciate it if you share your experiences with the website below using the comment section to tell us if you think the website is legit or not.

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And if you still decide to join the platform after this review, we will advise that you invest only the amount you can afford to lose.

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