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This article focuses on the review of There has been a lot of questions being asked if is legit or scam.

Not to worry though because in this article ,I will give a breakdown if is legit or a scam.

So, if you are ready, let’s get into it.

Is Legit or a Scam?

As of the moment of writing this article, is SCAM!! Peoples review on Trustpilot are very alarming. the negative reviews and complaints outweighs the positive ones. So its advisable to never go into this business


Reasons Why is Regarded as a SCAM Business

As said earlier, is a SCAM business and below are few reasons why Solidinfos  may recommend

  1. The site is live online.
  2. They have 74% excellent score on trustpilot.
  3. They have 11% great score on trustpilot.
  4. They have 3% average score on trustpilot.
  5. They have 1% poor score on trustpilot
  6. They have 11% bad score on trustpilot.


Where can I Find can be found online.


Few Reviews From Trustpilot


QebCat Wrote:

I bought a minecraft account here, I stopped playing
and after a long time im want to play it, but i forget account info i return to site and cant find shop, where shop? SCAM!

Illy Smith Wrote:

The worst company in existence
Purchased a game from them a couple years back. The psn game shop has now turned into a gaming blog so there’s no option to log in and customer support is a fake form that will always tell you there’s an error and to try again later. Steer clear at all costs!

Mick Vellener (Jamikiller19) Wrote:

Bought the Forsaken DLC for Destiny 2 now it’s gone!
Bought the Forsaken DLC for Destiny 2 on PS4. In the buy page it said that I would be buying an Account for PS4 with that DLC bought on it. Once you’ve logged into that account on your PS4, you can play the DLC on your own account. It all went great, until now. probably 5 months after i bought it, the account is logged out. (probably password changed.) and i cannot paly the DLC anymore.
Costumer support is nowhere to be seen and the website is offline!!!

This whole ordeal is a scam! Never buy an account to play a game!!!


Conclusion be recommended Solidinfos at the moment but if things changes ,we will surely update this post.

We would love to hear from you on what you think about Please, leave a comment below.





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