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Who doesn’t enjoy making money? lol… Almost everything in life can be solved with money. That is probably why people will go to great lengths and do anything for money. Scammers will go to any length to deceive others and defraud them of their hard-earned money, as will those who are scammed.

Both parties are obsessed with money. But why are you here on this platform? You’ve come here to avoid being scammed by gathering concrete information about specific sites that claim you can make money by investing and such. Many scammers have destroyed people’s lives because of their greed for money.

Worry less, At Solidinfos, we are here, to fish out pretentious scam sites, as well as those that have crashed but people still get scammed by investing in them. You’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’ll be reviewing S1-earn.buzz , a popular website. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about it somewhere, so here’s a review before you invest in it.

Follow me to learn about the most important information on this platform.

Without further ado, let us begin the review.


About S1-earn.buzz /S1-earn.buzz Review

S1-earn.buzz is an earning online platform where registered users are allowed to make huge amounts of money by performing certain tasks on the platform.
According to the site, Make money online with your mobile phone, Earn $300 a Day Easily
Anyone can participate, no requirements

You can also earn by referring others to join using your referral link.

According to the platform

We are an affiliate marketing company based out of Amsterdam! We primarily work with influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. These influencers range from the top ten-percent of verified accounts to local users like you.

S1-earn has caused an uproar on all social media! Our affiliates are being paid to share their special referral link. Did we really become the #1 Network in such a short time? YES, we’re that good. Influencers enjoy our transparency, our flexibility, and our high payouts! With us, any social media user with any size following can become a successful influencer.

  • Instant payout system
    S1-earn releases all affiliates’ funds instantly at their request. Request a withdrawal on your account and update payment settings.
  • Dedicated Support
    Our support team works around the clock to ensure that all affiliates can perform well on our network.
  • Unlimited Affiliates
    We have no limits. Refer anyone that you see fit to join S1-earn, cheating is highly prohibited and shall be punished by account deletion.
  • Biggest Cash Giveaways
    We have the biggest giveaways compared to any earning network out there! Complete surveys and earn money.
  • Safe and Secure Platform
    All information that is transmitted between affiliates and us is encrypted using HTTPS technology.
  • Games & Apps
    Unlock revenue potential by playing games that we have partnered with various companies to acquire


How to get started with the S1-earn.buzz

How to earn

Here’s How to Begin:
1. Join
Join for S1-earn and earn $25 signup bonus as soon as you join! It is easy to join & we don’t share your info.

2. Make money
Earn money by watching videos, playing games, testing apps, and more.

3. Get Paid
Get your money when and how you want them! We can pay by mail by check, PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin and other mainstream payment methods.


S1-earn.buzz Referral Scheme

You can also earn by referring others to signup on the platform using your referral link or code. This means that anyone who registers using your link would automatically mean you receive a commission.


How to signup into the S1-earn.buzz platform| signup process

1. Go to the official page
2. You will be asked to provide your full name, email address
3. Verify your email address through the verification link
4. read the terms and conditions and click sign up

S1-earn.buzz Login Procedures

  • Go to the official page
  • Since you already provided your information, you log in with your email address/ username and click login


How to withdraw on S1-earn.buzz

You can withdraw once you reach the withdrawal limit

Does S1-earn.buzz have an app?

At the time of this publication, S1-earn.buzz does not have a mobile app.

S1-earn.buzz payment proof

At the time of publication, there are no available payment proofs from this platform.



New site

This site is still new, so it’s kind of scary to trust such sites.

Trust Pilot Reviews

No Trustpilot  reviews yet.

Disclaimer: Solidinfos is in no way affiliated with this website or platform, we are just a review site, we review money-making sites and make sure readers don’t get scammed.


In conclusion, S1-earn.buzz is still reasonably new; as we know it, it will surely face its imminent crash like other scam websites. This is why we always advise you to stick around on our blog to get the best, newest and undiluted information about any Ponzi, Investment, or MLM site that is paying, about to start paying, or that has already crashed.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve cashed out or not from S1-earn.buzz or you lost your money, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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