See the exact amount Chelsea will spend in January transfer window

See the exact amount Chelsea will spend in January transfer window

The Blues are normally quiet in January, but the title competition this year may change their minds.

With Chelsea anticipated to be in a three-way title competition with Liverpool and Manchester City, Thomas Tuchel’s team might be bolstered in the January transfer window.

While the West London club usually remains quiet during the winter window, doing the most of their business during the off-season, the projected intensity of this season’s title race may prompt a change of strategy.

According to professor Kieran Maguire in a paper initially published in the Daily Mail, they have the fourth largest financial fair play allocation, with £241 million to spend while staying within the rules.

Five of the major six have the most money to spend, indicating a fault in the restrictions. Spurs are far ahead of the rest with £400 million, Liverpool is second with £273 million, Manchester United is third with £243 million, and Chelsea is fourth with £243 million.

Arsenal, the summer’s biggest spenders, have £201 million in the bank, with Manchester City in second place with £84 million. Everton is in the worse shape, with a £35 million shortfall, while Crystal Palace and West Ham United have £66 million and £71 million respectively.

“Spurs’ net transfer spend since 2010 has been between a quarter and half that of the other Big Six teams, and it has been the most successful club in terms of keeping wages low as a percentage of revenue,” Maguire added.

“The Spurs have followed a business model rather than a trophy-winning one.

“Daniel Levy has operated the club excellently as a business, but it isn’t fantastic when viewed as more than a company.” Spurs’ lead over the bigger clubs has remained unchanged. If Spurs are content with sixth place, that’s OK.”

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