Review : Is Legit or Scam?

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This article focuses on the review of There has been a lot of questions being asked if is legit or scam.

Not to worry though because in this article,I will give a breakdown if is legit or a scam.

So, if you are ready, let’s get into it.

What  is

Tropipay is an e-wallet that allows you to carry out financial operations backed by EURO easily and safely.

Is Legit or a Scam?

As of this moment of writing this article, seems pretty LEGIT!


Reasons Why is Regarded as a Legit Business

As said earlier, seems like a legit business and below are few reasons why Solidinfos  may recommend

  1. The site is live online.
  2. They have a physical address which is AVDA DE LA CONSTITUCION, NUM. 35 37 28821 COSLADA Spain.
  3. They can be contacted via mail/phone number ( 632 06 73 23)
  4. It has a 22% bad reviews score out of 52 reviews on trustpilot.
  5. It has a 3% poor reviews score out of 52 reviews on trustpilot.
  6. It has a 57%, 10% and 8% Excellent, great and average reviews scores respectively out of 555 reviews on trustpilot.


Who is the CEO/Founder of is owned by a group of young intellectuals.


Where can I Find can be found online and offline as there physical address is AVDA DE LA CONSTITUCION, NUM. 35 37 28821 COSLADA Spain.


Few Reviews From Trustpilot


Usuario Tropipay Wrote:

The experience has been excellent and the shipping process easy, I recommend the company because it does an excellent job.

Erizbel wrote:

Easy, best, fast and safe.

Bilda Cruz Wrote:

Excellent and fast service. Thank you

BJ wrote:

Worst company ever. When you cancel account they will continue sending your requests to verify account. They are sending me one request almost everyday. I have sent them many request to stop doing that but they do not care. So be careful with your data when you when you send it to “company”. Now I have sent complaint to Bank of Spain, Mastercard, VISA for malpractices of this “company”.

Also if you read other reviews of this “company” you will see that in the past half of year they were receiving only 4 or 5 star reviews, while before that period they were getting very low rates, under 2 stars in average. Check their 4-5 stars review dates (filter for english language only).

Rike Wrote:

I wanted to transfer money to a friend in Cuba. First I needed a minimum of 20$ to get started and to try it out. Only after it arrived a couple of days (!!) later in my Tropipay account I learned that there was a minimum of 21€ for a transfer to Cuba. So I needed to wait another couple of days until I had enough funds in my account to finally try it out.
Only then I learned that there was a 16€ (!!) fee on every transaction to Cuba.
I found the whole process very intransparent and tiresome. And my friend in Cuba still doesn’t have any money, after weeks of waiting. But a 16€ fee every time just doesn’t make any sense.

Conclusion can be recommended Solidinfos at the moment but if things changes,we will surely update this post.

We would love to hear from you on what you think about Please,leave a comment below.





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