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UPDATE (4/27/2022): hasn’t been identified as a scam website yet which means it is currently paying. SolidInfos team are working nonstop to make sure this post is constantly updated so that non of our readers gets scammed.

If you are facing any challenges with, you can please leave a comment below to warn others.



There are lots of ways to make money online without getting scared of losing your money. Some of them simply involves taking a survey, watching videos or doing a simple task or the other.

In this article, I will be focusing on reviews as i will go in-depth to list out the advantages and disadvantages of using the site to make money.

Stick around as I reveal more details about this new site everyone seems to be talking about.

If you ready for your mind to be blown, lets get started….

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To review properly, I need to make a disclaimer here. None of our writers or sponsors on Solidinfos own the site known as

This article is merely a review of to make a public awareness whether the website is a legit earning website or a scam.

This review article of includes: which country is eligible to work on, about, how to get paid on and a whole other stuffs.

Like i said earlier, please stick around 🙂


What is

Videomine Technology  is an online skills acquisition centre dealing with sales of digital products (books, tutorials, courses etc.) only and rendering of digital services like tutoring on those products
It is also an affiliate marketing/Networking platform of which various individuals earn sales revenue from by inviting one another to learn or purchase our skills pack.

If you want to make money on, you can do it as an individual affiliate or as part of a team (group work).

Two distinct programs can run on the same piece of software thanks to the inventiveness of the team.
As a single affiliate, or as a team, users have the opportunity to participate in the program.

An interesting article about facts on videomine was written by the guys in Hundedkey . Do well and check it out.


Who is the Owner of

The CEO/Founder of is not known by anybody. This is normal for most of these sites that’s why we always advice you to not give out money you can’t afford to lose.

Also, the launch date for isn’t known. Contact Details

To contact, you can use the details below to do so:


Phone Number: 09035046637


Which Country is Eligible to Work on

As long as you have access to the internet, a computer or a mobile phone, your location doesn’t matter. All countries are eligible to work on

How does Work / How to Earn Money on

An online site that offers to pay its customers for watching videos on a daily basis is called Videomine.

The technology behind Videomine is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software. It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group (team work).

Please note that Solidinfos doesn’t encourage any form of investment into If you still want to go ahead to invest/deposit your money on then do that at your own peril and always invest money you are ok to lose.

You can also earn on from making referrals.


Participating as an Affiliate (Single Individual)

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly.

The following activities are involved:

  • Registration fee #2000
  • Registration bonus #1000
  • Referral Bonus #1400
  • Daily visits #100
  • Video watching #150
  • Viral video posts #200
  • Skills center for learning new skills

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly.


Participating as a team (Group work)

If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved:

  • The user cashes out #10,000 always immediately his cycle/group is completed.
  • The user withdraws #1500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member completes a cycle (the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and withdrawing #1500 from them completing each cycle.
  • The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc. on reaching certain cycle goals.
  • After a user’s  cycle is completed and he withdraws #10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle.
  • Registration and resubscription fee is #2000 only.


1. You get to work with a team and continually earn with them
2..You get to earn spillovers continuously from group members
3…You get to cashout daily
4…You win certain prizes for reaching certain cycles with group members

Complete cycle 7 and win a rechargeable standing fan/mini printing machine

complete cycle 14 and win a fully automated home theatre

complete cycle 21 and win a techno/infinix device

complete cycle 30 and win Samsung s7/pes3

complete cycle 50 and win a fully automated laptop

complete cycle 100 and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max plus a mini washing machine

Complete cycle 200 and win a trip to Dubai

Prizes can be claimed in any of the 3 ways
+Delivered to ur doorstep
+Paid to your bank account as cash prize
+Requested for in form of activation codes Sign up / How to Create an Account on sign up


To simply signup/register on, please follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the MENU and click on BUY ACTIVATION CODE
  • After you’ve bought the COUPON CODE, you will return to the MENU and click on REGISTER
  • Input the required details like your first name, last name, username, password, email address, phone number, coupon code and click on SIGN UP.

This process shouldn’t take long, at most 3 mins.

If you prefer the video version on how to register for, then click and watch below: Login / How to Login to login


After signing up for, you will be asked to login. To do so, simply provide the details you used to signup to login. Details needed are:

  1. Username or email address
  2. Password

If you still can’t login, simply click on the “forgot password” button and an email will be sent to your mail to reset and input a new password.


Is Legit?

Is legit? Well we can’t give you a concrete YES! This is because is still fairly new and payment proofs are not yet all over the internet.

If you must, please try the referral method (affiliate) to see if you can cash out from there but please, we do not encourage you to deposit/invest any money on the site. If you do, you do that at your own risk.


Is Scam?

We can’t say it’s a scam because the website is still fairly new.



Is Videomine Technology legitimate?
The answer is yes, it is a legitimate online skill acquisition centre that trains individuals on various skills available on the website and in turn allows affiliate marketers and networkers to earn commissions by simply inviting people to our brand
It’s duly registered under ACTIVITIES SERVICES.


Who are affiliates?
Affiliates are marketers who recommend the skills on the platform to people and when any of the person they refer buys, they get a commission.


Does Videomine lecture individuals on skills online?
Yes, We teach various skills to various qualified individuals and also issue certificates from time to time


If I’m a networker and do not want to learn skills, does Videomine teach networkers how to get more referrals?
Yes, we send out a pdf to all registered users once they join our telegram group,
The pdf entails detailed knowledge on how to market and network once studied appropriately.


What are the activities to be performed to qualify for classes?
These activities are simple
1. Sign up
2. Promote us
3. Visit our website daily,watch our daily videos to earn enough points to qualify you for your desired skills
4. Apply for your desired skills


What do I get adverts of various companies popping up anytime I’m visiting the website?
These are adverts from various ads units such as adsense, propeller ads etc. Our company earns revenue from this ads of companies and we in turn use these revenues for operating activities.


What Makes Videomine Technology Special?
We are registered under the Corporate affairs commission.
We have a registered office in ekiti.
In Videomine Technology, We try our best to ensure that all our users from both structures always gets paid their commissions and also gets the adequate skills required from time to time



A) How can i register a prospect under me

1Purchase the activation code from any of the coupon vendors enlited on the website

2. Login to your dashboard and click on your referal link

3. Fill in the details of your prospect and choose your package between the affiliate or the mlm structure

4. input the coupon code for the package and agree to terms and conditions

5. click sign up



B) Can i register for both packages



C) Is it a must to register for both packages



D)Can i gain value without referrring anyone?

Yes through our online skills acquisition centre


E)what are the days of payment of commissions

-Commissions Payout is everyday for the group structure(mlm) immediately anyone completes his cycle

-Commissions Payout is twice a week for affiliate marketers on the affiliate structure(sundays and wednesdays)

You can also join facebook group here.


In conclusion, is still a fairly new earning site on the web. We advise you to give the referral method of earning a try before going all in – if you want.

Thanks for reading. I you’ve cashed out or not from or you are merely interested, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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