Where to Sell XRP

Before you can sell your XRP, you have to, first of all, move it from your wallet used in storing it to an exchange platform.

Are you stuck in trying to sell your XRP? or are you looking for where to sell your XRP or How To Sell Ripple For USD Or Bitcoin? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you are going to learn how you can sell your Ripple for USD or Bitcoin and the best places you can sell your XRP.

Just in case you did not know, you may be wondering why we are using XRP and Ripple at the same time in this article, there are both the same thing as XRP is the short form of Ripple.

How to sell Ripple for USD | Where to Sell XRP

How to sell Ripple for USD | Where to Sell XRP

You can sell your Ripple for USD by either converting your Ripple coin to other cryptocurrencies because exchanging the new crypto to USD or you can still exchange your Ripple directly to USD. Whichever way you prefer, you can go for that.

We will be explaining how you can Sell your Ripple to USD using both of the mentioned methods above and other methods not mentioned above.

Selling Ripple through Exchange Platforms

You can use any of the exchange platforms below to exchange your XRP directly to USD.

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However, let me break down the process into a step-by-step guide, so that you can easily understand everything.

Steps to selling Ripple for USD

  • Register and create an account with any of the platforms listed above
  • Confirm your email address
  • Verify your Account
  • Deposit XRP into the account’s wallet
  • Sell the XRP and buy USD.

  • Withdraw the USD

Trading XRP to another cryptocurrency

To trade your XRP to other cryptocurrencies, you need can any of the trusted exchange platforms on the web. However, in this article, we will be using Binance to demonstrate the trading process.

To trade your Ripplr to other cryptos, follow the steps below.

  • Register on Binance using this link
  • Confirm your email and verify your account
  • Under the Funds tab, click on Deposit
  • Then, Select ‘Deposits Coin” window and select XRP from the drop-down menu.
  • Request a withdrawal or transfer to the address you copied from the location (wallet or account) where your XRP is held.
  • Once the deposit has been confirmed, go to “Exchange” in the top left corner of the page and choose “Basic.”
  • A search bar can be found in the top right corner. Type XRP into the box, then click either the BTC or ETH buttons immediately to the right, depending on which you wish to swap the XRP for. Then, on the displayed trade pair, click.
  • The trading view for the pair you selected will appear. Look for the box that says “Sell XRP” underneath. Then, at the bottom, click the pink “Sell XRP button” to enter the desired amount and price.
  • Your purchase has been made! To see how much you’ve sold, go to “Orders” in the upper right corner and click on “Trade history.”
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The fees at exchanges that accept XRP deposits and trade them for other cryptocurrencies are compared in the tables below.

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How to sell Ripple Using peer-to-peer Method

You can also sell your Ripple using a method called the Peer to Peer method, with the method, all you have to do is check for people ready to buy any of the coins you are willing to sell ( for this post, it Ripple), check out if the rate the person is buying it is okay by you, then go ahead and make the transaction.

However, peer to peer is a little bit risky because you can get scammed in the process, but exchange platforms like Binance are trying as much as possible to avoid such.

So its always advisable that if you want to use the peer to peer method, do it on a trusted crypto exchange platform where KYC verification is needed so that if you get scammed, you can easily report the person and get back your coin,

To sell your Ripple using the peer-to-peer method, follow the steps below ( we will be using Binance for this example).

  • To begin, open your Binance mobile app and log in. …
  • Before selling any crypto, make sure you have completed our SMS Authentication and KYC Identity Verification processes.
  • Select [Sell].
  • Select the crypto you would like to sell.
  • Select the crypto you would like to sell.
  • Select the fiat currency you wish to receive your payment in
  • Select your chosen payment method as P2P Trading 
  • Confirm Receipt once you have received the funds from the buyer
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Safety tips for trading P2P

There is no third-party authority to safeguard you if you are defrauded because P2P exchanges just connect you with another user to purchase or sell. So, why do people take the risk in the first place?

Cointal has two anti-fraud measures in place. On the one hand, they do provide compensation to scam victims. They do, however, offer a trust rating system that is based on community input. When a user completes a successful transaction with another user, they can rate them as a “trusted seller.” Always look for a “trusted seller” badge next to each seller’s user name on the far left when trading in Cointal. Remember to contribute and rate others as well!

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