WhiteMoney Reveals How much he Really Loves Queen

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Whitemoney Reveals How much he Really Loves Queen

You cannot talk about the 2021 Big brother reality show without having to mention Whitemoney, this is because he has been able to create an impact, and the viewers outside the house have fallen in love with his personality, therefore, supporting him at all cost.
You can read more and get to know everything about WhiteMoney by reading his Biography. that can be done using the link below,
On the other hand, Queen was one of the housemates that came into the game after about 3 weeks of the game kickoff.
She came in alongside 3 other housemates whose names are; Michael, JMK, and Kayvee.
Queen is  26 years of age and from Akwa Ibom state.
While being brought into the house,She said she will be bringing vibe and drama to the house. Queen said she is an activist and owns her NGO.


WhiteMoney Reveals How much he Really Loves Queen

WhiteMoney Reveals How much he Really Loves Queen

Now back to the matter of today

During a talk with JayPaul in the garden on Wednesday night, Whitemoney revealed this.

Queen questioned him about his friendship with Jackie B, accusing him of betraying her.

However, in a post-incident communication with JayPaul, Whitemoney stated that Queen doesn’t seem to comprehend that he regards her as a sister and that he sincerely wants to assist her.

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According to him, Queen is an overthinker, too emotional, and lets things get to her easily.

“I have told her to stop thinking that I want to be with her in that aspect. I genuinely like her and I feel the need to help her. I’m not new to this game because I have been studying it and I know how it works but it’s not the same for her.

“The other day she was kissing and giving Cross a lap dance and I didn’t feel bad but Imagine if I was the one who did that, all hell would have been let loose.

“I know how I got her to loosen up and start associating with other housemates because I was like with the way she’s so attached to me, If along the line I leave, how will she cope?

“She still doesn’t get it, all I have for her in my heart is genuine feelings and nothing more,” he said.

Pere, White Money And Queen Fight Over A Pillow

Before the incident above,

Pere, White Money, and Queen, Big Brother Naija Season 6 contestants, had a verbal spat last night about a missing Pillow.

On Saturday, day 42 of the competition, Queen and Pere got into a confrontation after Pere claimed his pillow was gone following the Pepsi assignment. Pere confronted White Money about the abrupt disappearance of his pillows, and that’s when the crisis began.

Pere bemoaned the fact that he couldn’t find his pillows and pointed accusing fingers at Whitemoney, who claimed that the pillow he (White Money) took was from an evicted housemate’s bed, Princess’s bed, but Pere, who wasn’t buying it, demanded to know why his pillow had vanished if that was the case.

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Queen attempted to intercede, but Pere immediately stopped her and stated that he was not speaking with her. This upset Queen, who retaliated by telling him he shouldn’t behave like he owns the place. The heated debates eventually devolved into insults.

Queen was heard saying;

“Shut up man. Don’t try that with me. I will give it to you real hot. You don’t sleep in the blue room. You sleep in the red room. So you’re just trying to make a noise.”

She continued, “Don’t try to shut me up. I’ll give it to you real hot. You don’t want to try that with Queen. I will wash you down. Don’t even try it.

“Who do you think you are? This is not your house. This is Big Brother’s house. If you feel you’re too big for the house, walk out the door!”

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