Why I wanted to fight Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta, Klopp speaks

Why I wanted to fight Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta, Klopp speaks

Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, and Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, had a heated disagreement, with the two coming dangerously near to a physical confrontation.

After Sadio Mane’s aerial charge on Arsenal right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu, the scores were leveled at 0-0.

Both managers were given yellow cards for interfering with the game, and Juegen Klopp has spoken out about it.

“It was about the circumstance where Sadio [Mane] did not commit a foul, but the Arsenal bench raised their hands as if it were a red card.”

“I inquired as to what they desire in such case. It’s simply not acceptable. Sadio had to be substituted against Atletico [Madrid in the Champions League] because they wanted him to receive a yellow card.


“In that circumstance, the referee did an excellent job – I deserved a yellow card.” That’s exactly what I said: that wasn’t OK. It happened in the heat of the moment.”


When asked if the discussion had energised both the Anfield audience and his team, Klopp said, “I don’t know, I’ll have to watch it back — I’ll do it more often if that’s the case.”


“Nothing triggered it, I was protecting my team, he was defending his,” Mikel Arteta remarked when asked the same subject.

“I chatted with him later and praised him on his performance; for me, these things are part of the heat and the way we like to compete.”

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