Will Arsenal still make top-four after Liverpool defeat? Jack Wilshere speaks on this

Will Arsenal still make the top four after Liverpool’s defeat? Jack Wilshere speaks

Arsenal was thrashed 4-0 by Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday, with the Merseysiders outplaying the Gunners.

The North London club’s unbeaten run of ten games comes to an end with this setback.

Following the loss, it may be appropriate to reconsider the team’s chances of finishing in the top four, and former player Jack Wilshere has spoken out, claiming that it is still possible.

Soon after the final whistle, the ex-Arsenal and England midfielder stated, ‘It will absolutely hurt in the moment, it will hurt now.’


‘Those players will be on the bus, and the manager will be in pain, but Liverpool, as you and I both know, will do that to teams.’


‘We can’t get carried away, just as we wouldn’t have been carried away if they had won the game today and said Arsenal would win the league.’


‘The manager is always talking about the process and where he wants to take these young players, and they are still on their way.’


‘There will be performances like that along the way because they’re young players, and you don’t always have the consistency you desire with young players.’


‘However, they will bounce back, and it is critical that they concentrate on the next game.’


When asked if a top-four finish is a realistic goal for Arsenal, Wilshere answered, ‘I think it is.’


‘I think for all the Arsenal fans out there, including myself, if you’d told us we’d be fifth after 12 games and 26 games left, especially at the start of the season, we’d have taken it.’

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