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Numerous modern online sites are advertising to provide various items at discounted rates these days, however, the majority of them are scams.  Some fraudulent internet stores have even charged consumers’ credit cards at random without their knowledge. So, if you have ever purchased by mistake from a scam site, we recommend that you call your bank or credit card company right once to secure your credit card information.

It’s best to avoid new online stores or, at least, do some research before buying something from a new online store because most of these new online companies either don’t deliver the purchased items to their customers or offer completely different or very low-quality stuff.

You can also look through our site, Solidinfos , search through any platform you’ve come across and see if they are legit or scams. That is what we do, we teach and guide people against investing or joining scam sites, tell you which is a scam and which is not, and review various money-making platforms through rigorous research for your sake.

Are you looking for a BestoSales.Shop review to learn more about this online store? If so, you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about this site, whether it’s a BestoSales.Shop scam or a legitimate business.

Without further ado, let us begin the review…


BestoSales.Shop Review/ What is BestoSales.Shop ?

It is an online shopping store which is selling various products such as Origami Paddler-Stand Up Paddleboard -weight capacity: 352 lbs. (160 kg), Folding Storage Box(3 PCS), Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit, 20 PCS Steel Skewers, Bench desks Bar chair Bar stool Bedroom Dining chair Vacuum Table, The First Camp Chair To Recline and Swing, Foldable Electric Scooter, etc.

However, there are so many things you must know about this online store before choosing it as your shopping destination.

About BestoSales.Shop, According to the site

Welcome to Bestosales online store! Bestosales is an online store involved in best product supplies which were founded in 2018.


We at Bestosales pride ourselves on being one of the fastest-growing e-commerce online stores for high-quality products at reasonable prices from first-line manufacturers. We strive to provide you with the latest high-quality products from factories.


Affordable shipping options exist for every customer. Global standard shipping $6.99, and Global UPS shipping $9.99. Just shop, receive and enjoy your order in style. Worldwide shipping. Wherever you are, you can buy what you like from Bestosales. Just click the “Buy Now” button and the items will be delivered to you.


We take your satisfaction seriously and provide a professional, dedicated service for every single customer regardless of order size. Your support tickets will be replied to quickly, while our class-leading Live Chat services offer real-time support whenever you need it.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay for my order?

We accept two payment methods online, one is a credit card. The other one is PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal login page straightforwardly.

  • Can I pay through Paypal with my credit card?

Yes, you can choose the PayPal option and you will be asked to fill in your credit card information to fulfill the transaction.

  • How secure is my online order?

When purchasing online using your credit card, all of your information is entered into an SSL secure web page. Your information is then SSL-encrypted and sent directly to our credit card provider’s network, where your card and transaction are authorized and approved. Your credit card information will not be stored on our servers.

  • Are there any hidden charges to my order?

Basically, the final amount you will pay is just the price of the product plus shipping(if you choose paid shipping). Sometimes, because of the exchange rate of currency, when the payment is finally cleared through the bank, the total amount will be a little different from the price of the product, but it’s only less than 0.5% of the total price.

  • How long do you take to despatch an order?

Generally, we will despatch your order the other day since the date you placed the order.

  • How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes 1-2 weeks depending on location. Some distant areas can take a bit longer. But we will get to you.

  • Do you guarantee delivery time?

Because the post office handles your shipment, we cannot guarantee the exact time of delivery. However, we will give you an idea of when the package will arrive.

  • What if my order delivery was delayed?

We definitely will deliver your order in time under normal circumstances. While, shipping delays may occur due to holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. Please keep in mind holidays do not count as a business days and should be considered when calculating shipping times.

  • How do I track my order?

We will email your tracking information as soon as your order has shipped. Usually, your tracking number will be updated 2-5 days after your order has been shipped.

  • How Do I Cancel An Order?

We are only able to cancel orders within the first 12 hours after the order is placed. After that the order has most likely been processed and is preparing for shipment or has been shipped. Once this takes effect, it’s out of our hands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we pride ourselves on prompt service and this includes getting your orders out as fast as possible.

  • What Is Your Return Policy?

Please refer to our Return Policy relating to returns.


We classified BestoSales.Shop as a Risky site based on the following information found on their website:

Contact Information:

The company’s address and contact phone number of this online store are not given on its website whereas legit companies shall always provide such information on their websites. So, it is clear that this site is trying to hide the information, we shall not trust such a company for any kind of online shopping.

Discount and Sales offers:

It is claiming to sell lots of products at heavy discount rates. You should know that these days mostly scam sites are offering huge discounts to attract people into their scams.

Copied content:

Lots of details are provided on its website, including its website theme match with multiple problematic sites. It’s About Us page is also similar to multiple other sites like Odgjte, Padesgolden, Sanmtic, Succfairs, Ollema, Toponeau, Hemomac, Onelane07, Fablepace, Clearance-SaleShop, AmeliiaShop, Bantoli, Teyou, Pumpkinbuy, Landscapet, FunFootwearTop, Searchaftern, Gustion, Picasloop, SmlzhStore, SmmessLtd, Lpkjsmall, UtebehiShop, Einkaufenes, Eyeslily, IncerunShop, Handshek, Classicsens, Wnderhours, Roseleven, LifeLiveCenter, etc.

Returns and Exchange:

It has a Return Policy which is found to be very unrealistic for the return and exchange of items. So, it is almost impossible to get the full payment back from these kinds of websites due to their confusing provisions.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

The customer support, as well as delivery time of sites similar to this, are also very poor as per the complaints received from the buyers of similar kinds of sites.


Is BestoSales.Shop Legit? cannot be said to be legit because there are no proofs from anyone or anywhere. If you feel you can give it a try, make sure you invest as little as you can at first to ascertain your payment,

Is BestoSales.Shop a scam?

It cannot be said to be a scam just yet, coz it’s a new site and no one has reported any scam activities yet. However, we consider it risky for now. follow us to know why.




In conclusion, BestoSales.Shop is still fairly new and as we know it, it will surely face its imminent crash like other scam websites. This is why we always advise you to stick around on our blog to get the best, newest and undiluted information about any Ponzi, Investment, or MLM site that is paying, about to start paying, or that has already crashed.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve cashed out or not from BestoSales.Shop or you lost your money, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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