Vkitchen.tech Review – Is Vkitchen.tech Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to Solidinfos.com, I believe you found this page while researching Vkitchen.tech review and trying to decide whether is legit or a scam. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Vkitchen.tech?


Vkitchen.tech is an social media platform for making money,also (An investment Platform) Vkitchen.tech permits its registered members to make money online By Investing and getting daily interest on their investment according to the amount. It also allows users to make extra money getting daily ROI on the platform with spare money, Investing, and referral programs. on this platform, you can Invest with Both Naira Currency and USDT.


Vkitchen.tech About Us Page

 “Vitalik’s Kitchen is the most sustainable BNB De-Fi Miner with an Eco-system, which combines a DEX, P2E, NFTs, and an Incubation program!


How it works

You must sign up as a member of this website thus on begin earning and taking part in this online earning platform.

Visit their Registration page www.vkitchen.tech, finish the registration steps, and begin the succeeding section of earning cash. You can subscribe to different plans on the platform to earn more.

• Invest some money before you are allowed to earn.

• The minimum investment amount on this platform is 0.05 BNB.

• Reach the minimum withdrawal and cash out your earnings.

If you want to more earn of on this platform you will have to be compelled to urge serious with the referral affiliate, copy the referral code and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and various social media sites, the platform pays you a commission for each referral, that may increase your earning potential.

Vkitchen.tech Registration

You must sign up for this platform to be able to participate in this newly created online earning website. Follow the directions below to register as a member;

  • Click this link to continue; vkitchen.tech
  • Enter the specified information,
  • And then click REGISTER to complete the registration.

Vkitchen.tech Login

  • To log in to this platform once registered, you will have to;
  • Click this link to continue; vkitchen.tech/   
  •   Enter the required information,
  • Then click on SIGN IN to access your account.

Vkitchen.tech Referral Program

You need to encourage your friends and family to use our platform as for you to be able to make more money. Once someone uses your referral link or code to sign up, the platform pays you a commission for each referral

Vkitchen.tech Withdrawal

When you reach the minimum withdrawal, you will have to withdraw money from this Website. All you have to be compelled to do is to submit your account details along the side of your withdrawal request.

Vkitchen.tech App

At the time of publishing this article No official app yet.

Who are Vkitchen.tech owners and founders?

At the time of publishing this article No information or details about the owner/Founder , which make the website so risky to trust.

Trustpilot reviews?

At the time of publishing this article No Trustpilot reviews yet.


Is Vkitchen.tech Legit?

We cannot guarantee you that this platform is legitimate because there no proof from this platform is paying it members also, it a newly created website .

Is Vkitchen.tech a Scam?

Also, We cannot guarantee you that this platform is a scam because no one has been reportedly scam by this platform , it a newly created website which may result in spam.

However, I politely advise you to not admit to use it and not to invest the money you can’t manage to loose.


Solidinfos is in no way affiliated with this website or platform, we are just a review site, we review money-making sites and make sure readers don’t get scammed.


In conclusion, Vkitchen.tech is still reasonably new; as we know it, it will surely face its imminent crash like other scam websites. This is why we always advise you to stick around on our blog to get the best, newest and undiluted information about any Ponzi, Investment, or MLM site that is paying, about to start paying, or that has already crashed.


Thanks for reading. If you’ve cashed out or not from Vkitchen.tech  or you lost your money, please let us know by leaving a comment below.





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